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Game Reviewed Break Mario Out, by Guscraft 808 Beta 2.0
Review Author LuigiGuy08
Created Nov 3 2018, 2:43 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Bad Clickteam product games strike again with a poor breakout clone.
Pros Decent Graphics
Cons Everything else
1 / 10
The control scheme is fine, but since when has a paddle had acceleration? Due to this, the game feels slippery, a bad thing in a game where precise movement is key. Also the ball starts at a random position each time you restart, meaning that you can either get a ball that's too far from you, and you fail instantly due to not moving fast enough, a ball that only moves horizontally, or times where you'll get Game Over INSTANTLY. Speaking of, if you restart enough, every time after that, you get Game Over, and by that point, you'll just want to exit the game after ONLY PLAYING FOR ABOUT A MINUTE.
5 / 10
Easily the best part of the game. They don't really clash with each other ad they all come from Mario All Stars. However, the game over screen looks like it was made in MS Paint in 30 seconds.
1 / 10
Just some more generic MIDI's. Nothing more.
1 / 10
None. Again, if you restart enough, the game just gives you Game Overs as soon as you restart.
Final Words
2 / 10
Slippery controls are NOT what anyone needs from a breakout game, and the fact the game overs can happen as soon as you start doesn't help this game either.

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