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Game Reviewed Mario Drinks A Glass of Milk, by LangtonLion64
Review Author Q-Nova
Created Jun 22 2019, 8:48 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Langton made himself a big name in MFGG quite early on, when he released his well-received Super Mario Bros. Dimensions. It has the usual 2D Mario gameplay, but it uses a dimension-switching mechanic that, although seems simple on paper, made a drastic change to how it all worked! Soon after the release of the game, Langton started doing a sequel, simply named Super Mario Bros. Dimensions 2, which is looking to be bigger and better! Lots of people are getting excited for it; I bet that when Langton finally finishes that game, there will be a HUMONGOUS explosion here! Like, KA-BOOOOOOOOOM!!!

Both of the Super Mario Bros. Dimensions games, however though, are rather big and ambitious, and I really mean it when I said those two words. I'm sure it's satisfying for Langton when he gets them done, but they take a lot of work and can be exhausting, and I think that's why Langton made this game - to take a break from a big project and do something that's much smaller and simpler.
Pros +Quirky, absurd concept
+Charming, custom graphics
+Fun jokes and references
+Great music
+Quite the twist near the end!
Cons -Gameplay might seem bare-bones to some people
-Doesn't last very long
9 / 10
Remember that Got Milk? commercial that featured Mario in it? We saw Mario drink milk there, and here, in Mario Drinks A Glass of Milk, we see Mario apparently getting addicted to it! Yes, Mario LITERALLY drinks a glass of milk in this game!

The gameplay took me a while to figure it out, but it's very simple: You get to the fridge, grab the moo juice, and drink it by getting a cursor on a moving cow. The concept is so silly, I love it! While the drinking process may not seem like much, there are several levels, most of which have an interesting twist, with the best one saved for last! What truly makes this glass stand out is that there's a lot of great humor mixed in along with fun references, all of which makes Mario Drinks Some Calcium quite a comedic journey that will make you laugh out loud!
9 / 10
Remember the custom graphics in the original Super Mario Bros. Dimensions, which sometimes stick out like blue cheese? Luckily, Langton has gone quite a long way with his art skills since then! The graphics in Mario Got Milk! are mostly custom. You might notice some corners being cut here and there, but in some ways, it does add some charm that helps with the goofiness of this otherwise appealing drink! I find it cute that each of the numbers are a different color!
10 / 10
Langton borrowed songs for Mario Chugs Down Moo Juice from various sources, though, many of them are from Mega Man 7. They all sound very high-quality and fit just right with the current situation! The sound effects, which are all taken from SNES games, sound very good and aren't out of place at all! Great job, Langton!
7 / 10
This is where the milk spills at. When you're done with Mario Helps His Bones Grow, you've seen it all, and it doesn't last very long! On one hand, it means that it won't overstay its welcome and eventually get stale like sour milk, but on the other hand, you may be craving for some more! I think Mario Gets A Milk Mustache is at its best when you experience it with your siblings and/or friends!
Final Words
9 / 10
Wanna laugh? The humor in Mario Drinks A Glass of Milk helps funny bones awaken.

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Jun 29 2019, 1:48 PM
Hey, thanks for the review! It's funny that you caught on to the fact this was made as an attempt to see what I could do with making a smaller game, rather than a huge ambitious one. Of course, Dimensions 2 is very much still happening, and making this April Fools game didn't really hold it back since I only spent a week on it. I'm glad that I did this, since it's opened my eyes as to why people make smaller fangames. The secret is: it's a lot less exhausting, and you can still have fun making them!
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Jul 2 2019, 2:32 AM
You're welcome, Langton! Yeah, making small stuff is indeed less exhausting, but still fun, although I'd like to give a bigger project a shot someday (not too big, just something about as long as... say... one of the old Clickteam fangames or a Commander Keen game). Before I joined MFGG, I actually did some decent-sized games, a couple of which were even finished!

I'm quite surprised that you did this game in a week! I figured that you didn't spend a lot of time on this, but I didn't think it'd be that less!
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