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Game Reviewed Super Mario Bros: Journey to Peach, by Hello
Review Author Mors
Created Mar 18 2019, 7:56 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Journey to... Peach? Well, that's a slightly better name than "Adventure Journey" for sure.
Pros + Again, not the worst level design I've seen in a fangame.
Cons - This is literally just the same game as before, and all my problems with that game also exist here.
3 / 10
This game uses the same engine as Hello's previous game, so how the game controls and such is pretty much the same. Controlling Mario feels like balancing a butter on a sheet of ice, and there are many minor glitches that make the experience feel much less polished, even though none of them are game-breaking. There's still no sliding too, which is a shame.

The level design is also pretty much on par with Hello's previous games, it's forgettable and boring. Though it seems like there are actually fewer bullshit moments than before, which is good.

I really don't know what else to say. This is just the same game as Adventure Journey.
3 / 10
Once again, the tiles are custom made, but everything else seems to be ripped from SMAS with some stuff from SMW as well. Things don't clash too hard, but they also don't look super pleasing together.
2 / 10
Same old Mario sounds, with heavily compressed MP3s for the music. The selection is pretty bad, but it could've been worse I suppose.
2 / 10
Final Words
3 / 10
Remember Hello's previous game, Super Mario Bros: Adventure Journey? Well, this is essentially the same game, just with different level design.
And it's not very good by today's standards.

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