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Game Reviewed Mario Drinks A Glass of Milk, by LangtonLion64
Review Author RiachuC4D!
Created Oct 6 2020, 1:18 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Games like these only happen when comedy and humor collapse to create a unique being.
Pros - A very fun gameplay
- The graphics are great
- A very funny game.
- Good level design.
- Incredible and very funny bosses.
- It offers a good challenge.
Cons - Mario and Luigi's design are rare.
- Although the music is good, it is from other games.
10 / 10
A very fun gameplay, having a version of Luigi's portergast but with milk, I enjoyed it a lot, I passed the game with all the difficulties, very good!
9 / 10
The graphics are great, although that Luigi and Mario design seems quite strange to me, they could be better, but that, very good graphics, pleasant to look at.
9 / 10
The music, even from other games, fits very well with the environment, the sound effects too, a good choice with the sound!
Final Words
9 / 10
In short, one of my favorite fangames.

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