Review Information
Game Reviewed Super Mario Odyssey Safari, by Qw2
Review Author Pinapple
Created Dec 19 2020, 11:33 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Really good fangame. I can tell a ton of effort went into it and it is criminally underrated. I see very little problems with it.
Pros Really good sprite work
A lot of effort went into it
Good controls
Cons Mario is slow, unless there's a run function I don't know about, not a big deal.
9 / 10
Controls are good pretty good. I like how you added something new in the form of hatsorbing and I love how many movement options there are.
9 / 10
Way better than I expected.
9 / 10
Pretty good. See no problems with it so far.
Final Words
9 / 10
Overall pretty good fangame. I see a ton of effort went into it and I hope this game gets some more attention.

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