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Game Reviewed The Misadventures of ShyGuy, by Tuppcord
Review Author Mariotroid
Created Apr 18 2020, 7:18 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Overall a solid small Saturday afternoon RPG that can be beat in under 30 minutes. Fun to play and good story. There is variety to be found here, if not enough enemies to battle. There is much humor to be found and it plays well and fun. I found the game has charm, levity, wit, enjoyment. Great choice of music tracks and art was readable. It's a good game for what it is.
Pros + Great music
+ levity and wit
+ Easy game
+ Enjoyed over cereal on a Saturday afternoon
Cons - Not much variety
- Enemies fought at random
- No grinding
- Simple
7 / 10
The game is fun and obvious on how you progress, which I liked. Most RPG's I have trouble figuring out where to go next. The game was very simple. It didn't hold your hand, but it was obvious as to where you should go, who you should talk to. I enjoyed the gameplay tremendously for these reasons. It was an easy game.

I didn't like the food eating and the status saying your HP is recovered, when it wasn't. Also, the lack of skill and tactics needed to play the game off-put me a bit.

Overall, good gameplay.
5 / 10
The graphics are particularly lacking in this game. The sprites are very simple among backgrounds that are usually a tile set stretched out to many tiles. It was definitely good to see some sprites from official Mario games as the talking heads. However, it did lack cohesion as some talking heads didn't match. I did like the background and enemies during battle, I thought those looked good.

Overall, okay graphics.
7 / 10
The sound was the best aspect of this game. The music choices were great, and suited the current situation. I particularly liked the inclusion of the Mario Kart music tracks. There were good music tracks from the Mario RPG's as well.
The sounds didn't feel empty and there was plenty there to be heard. I didn't notice any particular lack of sounds. Also, they were all the same loudness and worked well.

Overall, good sound.
Final Words
7 / 10
This isn't Psycho Waluigi. However, the ShyGuy game has a lot of charm. It feels fun to play and good use of music. Overall, this is a fun breakfast game on a Saturday morning.

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