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Game Reviewed Communist Mario: Mario Visits His Great Uncle in the USSR 2, by Vitiman
Review Author Mors
Created Apr 5 2020, 9:16 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
I've never done hard drugs before, yet thanks to this game I know what that feels like.

Seriously the story, the presentation, the humor, the trippy visuals, the audio are all on point. Shame that the gameplay imo doesn't hold up as well.
Pros + Funny
+ Charming
+ Has an amazing atmosphere
+ Trippy
+ Looks great
+ Sounds great
Cons - The jumping physics are really off-putting
- Not very enjoyable to actually play
- Has weird, random glitches that force you to die and restart the level
- No D-Pad support for controllers
4 / 10
This is a mainly narrative-focused game, as a result, the actual gameplay found within it is fairly simplistic. This isn't a big deal to me, what is a big deal to me is that the gameplay manages to be both frustrating and simplistic at once.

Seriously, all you do through the game is to jump on platforms with really awkward jumping physics and throw hammers at flying Koopas and make them turn into platforms. The latter doesn't sound that bad but the same exact setup with them is repeated so many times that it eventually starts coming annoying. In addition, the game is quite punishing. It's really easy to mistime your jumps with these awkward physics, and it's really easy to make the Koopa platforms too high or too low. In those cases, you're forced to restart the whole level. In addition, there's a level with a time limit where if you run out of the time you gotta wait like 10 seconds to be able to try the level again, which is again, annoying. The game also has this issue where Koopas can randomly leave the screen, forcing you to restart the level. Or sometimes you can't even throw hammers... You just gotta restart the level. Again, annoying.

It's just... Annoying. Not very fun to play, which is a shame cus I find the whole story really enjoyable despite being very nonsensical. It's like, peak Vitman humor, stuff I liked in Charisma games without all those inside jokes. The presentation is super good too. Shame that all that's attached to this gameplay...
9 / 10
The presentation, effects, etc. are all top-notch. The actual spritework isn't anything special but combined with all those effects and the overall atmosphere of the game, they do work well. Some effects can get a bit overwhelming, but I'm a big fan of how this game looks otherwise
9 / 10
Just like the graphics, the audio design works really well with this kind of game. I enjoy.
Final Words
7 / 10
I adore everything about this game, except the actual gameplay.

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