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Game Reviewed Go! Go! Gooble!!, by Q-Nova
Review Author littlelum
Created Dec 11 2018, 2:13 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
In Go! Go! Gooble!! you play as the last gooble alive, running for your life. As you would expect, this game is an endless runner. But it somehow has a different feel compared to the other ones I played.
Pros Online high scores
Nice menus
Cartoon-like graphics
Different take on the genre
You can pick your color
Cons Scoring relies too much on collecting items
That background song....
You can't make the Gooble stand still
10 / 10
Even though it's an endless runner, it's not quite what you'd expect. It is a reaction based game, but it also somehow takes a slower and more cerebral approach that makes you need to think about the consequentses of your actions. For example, you can jump, but you can't change your direction mid-air.
10 / 10
The sprites in this game are made really well, and the background is simple, undestracing and pleasing to look at all at the same time.
7 / 10
While sound effects are put to good use, the background song gets old quite quickly. Luckly, you can always turn the sound off.
10 / 10
With online high scores, you'll probably be playing this for a while.
Final Words
10 / 10
Go! Go! Gooble!! is an endless runner that has an unusual feel, but in a good way.

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Dec 15 2018, 4:59 AM
Thanks for the review, littlelum! It's really nice to see some actual feedback on the game!

I never really thought about how different it is from other endless runners, but now that you've mentioned, I suppose it does have quite some differences. For scoring, did you know that bumping into enemies while using a star gives points, or do you just think the game focuses too much on collecting items to get points? One time, I have thought about awarding the player points if they successfully jump over a hazard (Pokeys could be an exception), but it didn't get implemented.
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