MFGG Fangame Jam!
May 17 2020, 5:52 PM

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We are hosting a game jam for fangames!

It's a 1-week long game jam, where you will be tasked with creating a game based on another IP. Once the jam starts you will also be given an additional theme.

The jam will be starting at 29th of May 12 PM PST, and ending exactly 7 days later, at 5th of June 12 PM PST. You will be given 1 extra hour to submit your games though.

To learn more check the jam's page:

We have also updated the submission rules a bit. It's nothing major though, mostly just fixes to some awkward wording.

Now that we got all that out of the way, enjoy some updates!

Recent Additions
Thumbnail Super Crown Land
[Platform] By Hello
Why kidnap the princess when you can become the princess? With the power of the Super Crown, anyone ...
SMM - Mouser (2020 edition) By xXEmmanXx
Hoopa (Binding of Isaac Style) By OmegaF.
Phantoon (Binding of Isaac Style) By OmegaF.
Mr.Resetti (Binding of Isaac Style) By OmegaF.
Jalhalla (Binding of Isaac Style) By OmegaF.
Wiggler (Binding of Isaac Style) By OmegaF.
Phanto (Binding of Isaac Style) By OmegaF.
Kamek (Binding of Isaac Style) By OmegaF.
Kirby Enemies (Binding of Isaac Style) By OmegaF.
Zelda Enemies (Binding of Isaac Style) By OmegaF.
Custom SMM / SMW Bob-Omb By Gatete
SMB1 Prerelease Sprites (Recreated) By Inky
Olivia (SMW Style) By Bubbled
Revamped Mario Bros. - Mario By ShyGuyNo1
Revamped Mario Bros. - Luigi By ShyGuyNo1
SMW enemies in Winter style By G-Rex Studio
SMM Series - Skeeter By Mariofan230
SMM Series - Splunkin By Mariofan230
Super Mario Bros. - Hills 1 By SuperSledgeBro
Super Mario Bros. - Clouds By SuperSledgeBro
Super Mario Bros. - Hills and Trees By SuperSledgeBro
Super Mario Bros. - Castle 1 By SuperSledgeBro
Super Mario Bros. - Underground By SuperSledgeBro
Super Mario Bros. - Pillars By SuperSledgeBro
Super Mario Bros. - Hills 2 By SuperSledgeBro
Donkey Kong Jr. (SMB1 NES) By TyrougeYoshi

oh no
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May the FGG Be With You
May 10 2020, 11:43 PM

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Hello everyone! Sorry that I haven't made an update in a while, I've been rather busy lately.

It's struck me that we're already in May. In just a month's time, I'll be wrapping up with university, having come to end of my last year. Those three years really went by quickly... and then it occurred to me that I've also been a member of the site staff for almost three years! Where does all the time go?! It stills feel quite recently that I was promoted.

Yet still, I look forward to what the future May hold for MFGG.

Recent Additions
Thumbnail WarioWareGM Demo
[Minigame] By TheHappyFaceKing
WarioWare remade in GameMaker
Demo includes 15 Microgames

Arrow keys ...
Thumbnail Mario Dash 2 Alpha 1
[Adventure] By bowser2k
This game is Mario Dash 2! This is my first fan game on this site. Your task: Get to the flag to go ...
SMM Series - Functional Platform By mariofan230
Mario Doom skins - HUD mugshots By Missingno123311
Pac-Man Mini Sprite Sheet By Ryan Silberman
Morinaga Pac-Man Mini Sprite Sheets By Ryan Silberman
Mr. Driller Mini Sprite Sheets By Ryan Silberman
Ultimate 8-Bit Toad By LycanSeijin
SMM Series - Cobrat/Snake By mariofan230
SMM2 SMAS SMB3 Update 3.0 Sprites By DryBones512
SMM2 Style SMW Ludwig By Rupert
Ultimate Modern Mario Bros. By LycanSeijin
Super Mario Maker 2 - Mario Map Sprites Big/Fire By MauricioN64
Huey In Super Mario World By hdtv
Mawboi's Pipes By Mawboi
Mario ( Doom Mugshot ) - Doom 1/2 Accurate By Pesky Plumber
Mechakoopa in SMB1 all stars style (1.0) By G-Rex Studio
Ultimate 8-Bit Toadette By LycanSeijin
Super Mario Bros. Game Boy Style By Bubbled
Super Mario World in the style of the Atari 2600 By Guscraft 808 Beta 2.0
Mechakoppa in SMB3 all stars style By G-Rex Studio
Dead SMW Super Mario, Luigi (SMM2), Toad & Toadette (Fire & Cape Included!) By GlacialSiren484
Ultimate 8-Bit Mario Brothers By LycanSeijin
Builder Toad and Builder Toadette By SupritoB
Hatless SMM2 SMW Luigi (With 3.0 Sprites & Extra Hatless Mario Sprites) By GlacialSiren484
Donkey Kong Arcade Mario Enhanced By 125scratch
Lycan's Custom Enemies By LycanSeijin
Donkey Kong Arcade Mario Enhanced - Luigi Edit By Agrera, 125scratch
MLSS Gooigi Sprites Sheet By Chrispriter
Sounds, Music
Mecha Koopa SFX from Super Mario Maker 2 (SMB1, SMB3, SMW) (minus NSMBU) By tarkan809
Tetris Attack Character Voice SFX (OGG format) By Yakibomb
Tetris Attack Character Voice SFX (WAV format) By Yakibomb

Also, our good friend Mors recently launched a Steam page for a cool indie game he's working on called Spectral Escape! You can check it out here!
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Some updates
Apr 24 2020, 5:57 AM

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As some of y'all are aware, the comment "Like" system is broken to some user. For instance, a user reported they liked the same comment for over 100 times.

I've already attempted to fix the main site software but it is impossible to fix. Either my codes are not working to prevent duplicate likes or the whole site ended up broken with Error 500. So the bug may stuck there for a while unless someone who's more experienced can take a look at it.

If you are facing duplicate likes, please do this:
- Clear your browser cache
- "Unlike" the comment which will clear all of your likes
- And then "Like" the comment you liked before

Anyways, here are some updates:

Recent Additions
Thumbnail Super Mario 2011
[Platform] By petersvp
Super Mario 2011 is a remake of the Nintendo SNES game, Super Mario All Stars, BUT with a twist. Mario ...
Thumbnail Luigi's Mansion 2D Area 2 Demo V1.0.1
[Adventure] By TheHappyFaceKing, Zdude684, Ken Martin
The first demo for Area 2!

The default controls are:
-Left and right arrow keys to move.
Thumbnail The Misadventures of ShyGuy
[RPG] By Tuppcord
A cute little RPG game i made.

Warning: Does contain mild language at some parts.

Thumbnail Super Mario - Turd Feast 5 (scrapped)
[Comedy] By Hypernova
Initially I wanted this to be my main project but due to the lack of support and making graphics are ...
Paper Mario 64 Pixel Mario By Machow8
Mr. Driller - Susumu By Missingno123311
SMW Birdo and Nabbit By Chrispriter
SMAS SMB1 Custom Sky Tileset By SuperSledgeBro
SMAS Custom Beanstalk Background By SuperSledgeBro
SMW Special Yoshis Sprites Sheet By Chrispriter
NEW SMW Koopalings By Chrispriter
Iconoclasts Sprite Sheet By Evan.F
Agent White (Super Mario World Style) By Evan.F
Custom Blocks 2X2 By bowser2k
Prototype Dr. Marios (Tetris & Dr. Mario Style) By xxxJohnnieWalker2005
SMAS SMB1 Mario with NES Poses By SuperSledgeBro
Pizzas! By KorHosik
Ice Flower Mega Pack By CaptainGame17
SMM2 SMB2 Mario By SBG2
SM3DW Propeller Box in SMB, SMB3 and SMW By DryBones512
SMW SMM2 Luigi Sprites Sheet. By Chrispriter
NEW SMW Yoshi Vol. 2 Sprites Sheet By Chrispriter
SMAS SMB1 Pullable Cloud By murphmario

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A wild update has appeared!
Apr 10 2020, 5:40 PM

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Here I come with a bunch of new updates on the paw!

Recent Additions
Thumbnail Super Mario Flashback - April Fools 2020 Joke Demo
[Platform] By Mors
This is a demo of Super Mario Flashback featuring procedurally generated levels. Released during April ...
Thumbnail Super Mario World Ultimate
[Action] By mack
After heavily criticized for being one of the worst fangames that lied to fellow mfggers who expected
Thumbnail Maridows 64
[Other] By DrZuplow
Is it a game? Is it an operating system?

I'm not sure, but what I can tell you is that ...
Custom Goomba Sprites 2020 Edition By LeonelGamer10
Chinese POW Block Sprites By KingGeoshiKoopshi64
SMB3 Mario in Underwear By SuperSledgeBro
SMM Bully By BullyWithAHat
Revamp Series - 24x24 Edition pt. 2 By xXEmmanXx
Custom Badges based on Paper Mario TTYD By JardsonJean
Custom Hammer Badges Based on Paper Mario: TTYD By JardsonJean
Kester's Grass Tileset 1# By KesterTank
SMM Series - Icy Spike Ball - Custom By mariofan230
30th Anniversary Super Mario Maker Amiibo By CaptainGame17
Farmyard By Evan.F
SMM Series - 3UP Moon - Custom By mariofan230
Saltflat theme By Evan.F
Dr. Mario (Virus) - Dr. Mario By xxxJohnnieWalker2005
Virus (1989-1990) - Dr. Mario Expanded Sprites By xxxJohnnieWalker2005
Custom Boot Badges Based on Paper Mario: TTYD By JardsonJean
Custom Mushrooms and Power Ups based on Paper Mario By JardsonJean
Kester's Goomba GFX By KesterTank
Toad NSMBDS By Limorbak
Pac-Man Run Gameplay Sprite Sheets By Ryan Silberman
Pac-Man Run Level Select Animations By Ryan Silberman
Mari0 AE. Field of Koopers (boss level) By Evan.F

Also, we noticed some people posting commentaries in a language that is not english.

We remind you that all comments must be in ENGLISH, as it's stated on rule 3.3 of the comment rules.
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Some news
Apr 3 2020, 8:52 PM

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I hope you guys enjoyed our April Fools joke! If you guys were wondering why it lasted 2 days instead of 1, well, some people enjoyed it so much that we decided to extend it by a day.

But yeah there are a few things I want to talk about here.

First of all, we've made a minor change to the submission rules.

"2.4.1 - Please try to ensure that your game is at least making an attempt to be an entertaining and productive contribution to the website. Games with little gameplay, lack of effort, or games made intentionally bad for the purpose of a joke are not allowed. When a game is bad on purpose, it's usually not fun for anyone, and your attempts at comedy will most likely come off as obnoxious."

What does this mean? Well, from this point onwards, we won't accept poor quality games, even if they are meant to be joke games. If the main joke of your game is that "it's bad" then maybe you should come up with a less overdone joke anyways.

This does NOT include games that have bad art, music, or controls, but have more going on than just "this game is bad lol funny". This is only for those Waligie type of games.

As for the other thing, it came to my attention that some people have been having some difficulty submitting stuff to the main site lately.

I think I figured out why.

The thumbnail for all submissions has to be 100x100. Don't make it more, don't make it less. For some reason, the site software doesn't throw out an error for that.

It's something I'll be looking into in the near future, but for now, here's your warning.

Anyways, that's all, keep making fangames I guess. And if you're not making fangames, I dunno, start making one!
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Apr 1 2020, 5:14 AM

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As you guys know for a while we have been thinking about rebranding the site. While I was discussing possible new names we could use with the rest of the staff I've realized that we all have this burning passion for Russia, this glorious country full of culture and history. So we have decided to rename the site into "Mario Fan Games Gulag" to reflect this passion we have. In addition, the site will be translated into Russian, because it's a much better language than English. I hope you guys understand.

Новый Additions

С нами Бог!
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Submission guidelines update
Mar 23 2020, 7:30 AM

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We did a update on the submission guidelines, so we encourage you to check them before submitting stuff.

As for the updates, here's some of them:

Recent Additions
Mario Is Missing Deluxe (Mac): Sprites By DrZuplow
SML enemies (16-bit Mario land 5) By Evan.F
SMM2 SMW misc tiles expanded By Evan.F
SMB1 & SMB3 (16-bits) King Koopa By SuperSledgeBro
Boo Guy (in the style of SMM 1 & 2 among others) By Bloodser
Goomba (Kirby's Dream Land 3 style) By EricTheSpriteMaker96
Sonia in Sonic 3 Style By DrZuplow
Item and Badge Icons from Paper Mario redone and upscaled By JardsonJean
Sonic The Hedgehog GG - Tails By mariofan230
SMW- Autumn Tileset and Background By Linkstorm Z
Super Mario Maker 2 - Sonic The Hedgehog By PixelMarioXP
Custom Key Iconset Based on Paper Mario:TTYD By JardsonJean
Sounds, Music
Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games - Team Sonic By mallerie7
Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games - Team Mario By mallerie7
Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games - Team Sonic By mallerie7

As usual, if there's missing submissions. Drop a comment below.
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Rev up for another update!
Mar 4 2020, 6:20 AM

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I suppose not much have happened with my life recently, with an exception that I've been digging a lot of car related subjects lately. And yeah, I now own a car that's fairly decent but I doubt most of y'all are interested.

Anyways, here are the updates:

Recent Additions

In addition to that, some updates don't seem to have been pushed properly last time, so I am manually putting those updates here:

Missed Recent Additions

If there are any missing submissions on this list, please drop a comment below.
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Sonic be like: "Fast"
Feb 21 2020, 7:28 PM

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So I saw the Sonic movie and it was pretty decent. It makes me hopeful for that Mario movie that will apparently come out in 2022, especially when considering that Detective Pikachu was also pretty good. Like, it really does seem like these big studios are now starting to understand how to make video game movies after all these years.

Though then again it's being made Illumination, the studio behind all of those throwaway minion movies, so who knows.

Oh yeah, updates too.

Recent Additions

By the way, there will be a fart joke in the Mario movie, and they are going to make Luigi floss.
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MFGG Awards 2019 results are in!
Jan 24 2020, 11:10 AM

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The results for the MFGG awards have been already revealed.

You can see the results in the following topic:

As for the submissions, take a peek below

Recent Additions
Miscellaneous JS&B assets (16-bit Mario Style) By Evan.F
Little Runmo in SMB1 Style By tarkan809
SMB2 Enemies By OmegaF.
New Cheese Desert Tileset By PROX
Forest Tileset By PROX
Phanto Temple By PROX
Wario's Golden Castle By PROX, Nintendo, Starpower
Custom Cave Tileset By PROX
New Grassland Tileset By PROX
Pac-Man / Ms. Pac-Man / Pac-Man Plus custom NES-style graphics By 125scratch
Yoshi (SMB2/SMUSA Style) By MegaToon1234
SMM2 SMB3 Mario Edited Sprites By SBG2
SMW Edited Mario Sprites By Evan.F
Bonneton Tileset By PROX
Dust Crusher (8-Bit Mega Man Style) By MegaToon1234
SMW Real Luigi Overworld Sprites By KingGeoshiKoopshi64
Cheeseslime (Super Mario Maker Style) By Super Piter
Super Mario All Stars - Super Mario Bros. 3 - Ending By murphmario
Super Mario All Stars - Super Mario Bros. 3 - Tileset and Objects By murphmario
SMW SnowMountain Tileset By Linkstorm Z
Volcano Tileset By PROX
SuperSonic and Neil's Weird Mario Remakes By SuperSonic24
SMAS SMB3 Expanded World Map Tileset By SuperSledgeBro
Creeper in the Style of SMM and SMM2 By hdtv

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