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Game Reviewed Princess Quest Part 1, by MDragmire
Review Author EchoBaz
Created Jan 5 2022, 8:37 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Man, this has really been the year of fangames for me so far, and I am just eating all of this stuff up!

You know how I always say that Super Mario 64 ruined Mario for me because it turned Mario into an annoying, screaming child who talks in catchphrases, and I can no longer seriously? This game seriously feels like the creator felt the same way, and took several liberties and made Mario and the gang 3 dimensional characters.

Characters who aren't super serious, and they're sorta comedic, but in a way that makes them feel real. Mario is a little bit of a jerk, as you learn early on when you find it out he stole Luigis lunch, but he does want to help people out regardless, and loves going on adventures. Luigi isn't a coward, but he does see Mario as the more capable fighter (Although in this game I say that it's not true. Luigi has more Health, and he can jump higher, and for longer, which more than makes up being slightly slower.)

Anyways, like I said, this is an adventure game that gives its own interpretation on a lot of beloved classics, from Gangster movies, to Princess Maker, to Monkey Island. The best thing it pays tribute to being Ace Attorney. It's set in chapters, and every single chapter it switches to something different.

This is clearly the creators passion project, something we found out she finished over the course of 8 years. The creator has a child now, so it'll sadly take a while before she creates a sequel. Fair warning btw, this does sort of end on a cliffhanger. It's not a super disappointing one, but it's still a cliffhanger.

Please, if you love Mario, and want to see a very different in a good way take on this, please, play this!
Pros -3 Dimensional characters.
-Really different, great interpretations of characters.
-Pays tribute to a different game each chapter
-The Best Mario Fangame I've ever played!
Cons -Didn't enjoy the Princess Maker Chapter
-It's an rpg, but you don't really gain levels or stats. I'm fine with that, but this might disappoint people not knowing this going in.
8 / 10
Varies between chapter.
10 / 10
The characters look like they're from SMB3. Peach is so beautiful too!
10 / 10
Tons of music from all sorts of classic games, and it's all so freaking good!
Final Words
10 / 10
What I always wanted: Mario characters with 3 dimensional personalities!

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