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Game Reviewed Super Mario Bros: Mythical Mushrooms, by Hello
Review Author Pomeriggio
Created Apr 29 2019, 12:28 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview

So, back in 2011, Hello released this game. While I played it since who knows, it wasn't until nearly 3 years ago that I decided to complete it; this is currently the 3rd time I've cleared it, and the second time I've 100%'d it. While it's WAAAAAY overdue, it's about time I write a review about this game, since there are a few things to take a globin at.
Pros + The Metroidvania format has rarely been done in Mario fangames
+ The soundtrack is cool
+ Mario handles pretty well
Cons - Gets very frustrating at the end
- The yellow switch can make for some very tough parts
- Mario's health is too low up until the midgame
5 / 10
So, as said in the pros, this game takes the form of a Metroidvania game, with the map filling up as you explore. Pretty standard.

However, unlike other games, you actually need to unlock power-ups to get through; this is done by hitting the giant blocks. Furthermore, fighting bosses requires you to use coins; it becomes much more frustrating once you can grab the switch, since you might search everywhere only to realize your efforts were fruitless.

Mario himself handles rather well, and most power-ups work as expected, with the exception of the red Kuribo shoe; it shoots fireballs that actually HURT Mario, thus making its point moot. It's a shame some power-ups are underutilized (looking at you, the yellow Kuribo shoe). However, his health starts really low, so hitting the vitality switch in Draggy Desert is an absolute must, especially considering what comes after.

Speaking of difficulty... It starts off fairly average; it doesn't hold back, but still pulls its punches from time to time. Then comes Draggy Desert, which, with the introduction of that switch that's used in the game's more tedious parts, will make you realize the difficulty will only go upstairs from here... And you'd be right, but for different reasons (like the red Donut Blocks in Wayward Woods). And then there's Terrapin Tower... hope you've stockpiled enough lives, because this thing will end you if you haven't. Getting this zone's 2 power-ups isn't very hard, but climbing up the tower is an exercise in patience.

Oh, and by the way, the anti-blue Kuribo shoe buzzsaw doesn't quite work as expected, since you can throw the shoe on the buzzsaw, then carry it, and THEN throw difficulty outta the window for the few remaining rooms (including the final boss).
6 / 10
While there are many complaints about the tilesets used in this game, I actually don't mind much about this, since graphics usually aren't the first things I take a look at.
9 / 10
The remixes are actually pretty good. Terrapin Tower in particular feels very eerie, which is what you'd expect from a final zone.
Final Words
7 / 10
While the game itself is pretty enjoyable thanks to its soundtrack and its controls, its difficulty curve and a few gimmicks sadly bring it down.

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