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Game Reviewed Toadette's Sweets Gallery, by Hello
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Created Jul 10 2019, 8:40 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
This game stars Toadette, as she travels through various paintings trying to save the famous Captain Toad, who has been trapped in one. The game is a spiritual successor to Super Mario Prism. It features the same engine, mechanics, and almost the exact same story.
Pros This game fixes some problems of the problems Prism had, being some problems with certain jump types. Most jumps now imitate the official games much better. The hitboxes on enemies has also been made slightly more forgiving.
Cons While the jumps have been pseudo-fixed, the glaring issues with the physics engine as a whole (the turning and momentum) still cause the jumps to be very awkward to use, even feeling much worse than Prism.
1 / 10
The game is horrible in the gameplay department; Somehow even more horrible than the original Prism. In a stroke of ingenious game design, Hello made the game run at half the speed the original Prism ran at. This was done because people complained about how the original Prism was too fast and sometimes the controls would feel jumpy and awkward. Instead of interpreting this in the way that people intended, this was somehow interpreted as people saying the game's framerate was too high.
The framerate being halved makes the game feel awful to play. The whole time the game is running it feels as though you're sludging through quicksand. When falling it makes you feel like a floating rock, as the player's weight was increased, making you fall further faster stopping you from moving as far in the air as in the original Prism, but the game running at a slower speed causes you to feel as though you are floating. In the end, it makes everything you do feel terrible, and it is almost impossible to judge what you can and can't do, especially if you're coming from Prism.
Then, for some reason, the camera was changed from Prism. The camera in prism was relatively inoffensive, it wasn't the greatest possible camera, but it worked fine, and the levels were designed around it. The camera in this game feels horrible to use. It zooms in way too far way to quickly, and it, like the rest of the game, is slower then a slug moving through molasses. Not to mention the level geometry is perfectly designed to work against the now frustrating camera.
Overall, the gameplay feels worse the Prism, especially after almost 100%ing that game.
2 / 10
The games Graphics are about as bad as Prism, using pre-existing textures and models from official games, but doing things with them that were never intended. Let's talk about the level graphics first. They're still official Nintendo textures stretched over lifeless squares in an attempt to make an environment, although this time it uses Mario Kart 8 textures, which already look like lifeless .jpg images. This mixed with the random candy and unfitting water makes even the first level look like an unorganized mess.
Then there are the animations. The characters look as dead and lifeless as ever, but this time they're trying to suck your soul from your body. Toadettes animations are especially bad. Toadette tries to replicate her normal animations from treasure tracker, but she never changes expression from one soulless stare, even in victory, and the animations are still jumpy.
Nothing else about the graphics were really changed. So not only were the pre-existing graphics not fixed to look better, but some were even made worse.
6 / 10
The music has seen a massive improvement, now being at least thematic to the stage, and sometimes going even as far as close to being enjoyable to listen too
overall an improvement.
1 / 10
I could barely make it through even the first stage. I had enough skill to do it, and the game is nowhere near as difficult as Prism in the first few levels, but the games speed makes it unbearable to play. I picked up Prism again naturally after I played it the first time. With this game, I think I will only play it again if I want to punish or torture myself or my friends. The game isn't even worth recommending playing it once, let alone multiple times.
Final Words
1 / 10
I found Prism fun in a sort of ironic way. I tend to enjoy to play bad games, sort of as a way to study to see how things went wrong, and what to avoid in my own games. This game hit that stop where after a while I began to enjoy myself with it, while still excepting that it was bad. However, the speed of the game makes it difficult to even enjoy it ironically, as if you make one mistake, or god forbid, die, it's at least 30-40 seconds before you can try again. This game to me was like Bowser Jr.'s Journey. You can add as much flair and flash to a stinking pile of garbage as you like, but it is still a stinking pile of garbage, and until you fix that, that is how it shall always remain.

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