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Created Jun 10 2020, 11:41 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
As i used to use your engine, Hello Mario Engine is much easier than Mario Editor, the concept is neat, but with every good concept, execution is what makes whether a game good or bad. Unfortunately, the execution hampered any potential of this game becoming good. I haven't played Super Mario Maker (or SMBX, maybe), so the closest Level editor i would compare this to is Mario Worker Remake.
Pros + Plenty of stuff to work using this
+ Neat user interface, maybe?
Cons - hard to make levels
- unable to customize things
- Lacks autotiling.
- Inaccuracy at its finest
4 / 10
First off, like the others said, it's just like Hello Engine, except it's actually a Level Editor, and even then, it's super hard to make decent levels with this thing, even with the variety of stuff it has, for starters, building the grounds is a toll, the thought of looking for the different parts of the same tileset is depressing, you can't even make grouped tiles. You cannot edit the level's lengths, one has to improvise with that limited area you have, and even so, still too limited. Mario Worker Remake can edit the length of the levels, as well as tiling is much easier without the need of returning to the main menu unless you want to add enemies, markers, sceneries....

As for the game itself, every time i play one of your games, makes me wonder if you actually ever played either Super Mario Bros. 3 or even Super Mario World, because your game's mechanics bear little to no resemblance to either of those games, for example, the hammer suit's existence is just as good as Fire
Flower's, it doesn't kill the enemies it's supposed to, fire balls still kill you, even if you duck with it, to add injuries to the insult, it's been powercrept by pyre powerup that exists for some reason.... Tannooki Suit servers basically no other purpose other than the leaf attack, where is the statue attack, it literally does not kill any enemies like in Super Mario Bros.3. I can go on, but i'll be endlessly rambling. It would've been nice if health system is not the only thing we can't use, also different ending/checkpoint than flags and/or Flagpole, not to mention it's overused, especially in most of your games. If you want to make a Level editor that includes everything from the classic mario games, add everything as accurate as possible. The Yellow Toad said the following "If you want to make a full game, or customize the graphics, audio, or code, then you should be using Hello Engine Instead. Mario Editor is all for levels!", not sure how everyone else actually overlooked it, but i felt like it's persuading to use Hello Engine instead, which not everyone want to do that. It just rubs me the wrong way, it just feels like "haha here's SMA4, take it or leave it", yes Mario Editor is all for Levels, but not being able to customize stuff is a cop out if you ask me.
2 / 10
What else to say? The same old SMB3/SMA4 graphics combined with Ice Goom's SMW sprites, as well as different other tilesets. Not being able to add custom graphics is jarring.
2 / 10
I will cut you some slack because you tried your best to make a variety of music tracks, still does not overthrow the genericness of these default tracks, no matter how many slacks i've cut you, also no customizable music. NOT only Mario's annoying voices is the worst thing about your games, but also, the fact that infinite kick sound when adding/deleting tiles or scenery, which is not good at all.
Final Words
4 / 10
If you want to make a full game, or customize the graphics, audio, or code, then you should be using Hello Engine Instead. Mario Editor is all for levels!

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