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Game Reviewed Paper Mario 3D Land, by DJ Coco
Review Author BaldingFox77558
Created May 29 2020, 4:38 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
This Game Is Overall Great! The Levels Are Awesome Bosses Are Also Awesome But Just A Couple Problems First A Lot Of Power ups From The 3D Land For 3DS Are Missing Like Tanooki/Statue Leaf Since They Are The Main Power up Second The Toad Houses Are Accesible All The Time Third Not Such A Big Problem But The Star Coins Are Green Stars This Is Paper Mario 3D LAND Not Paper Mario 3D WORLD Fourth The Camera Isn't Really Good I Actually Had A lot Of Time Where I Got Hit By These Swinging Spike Thing In 1-2 But Maybe That's My Fault But Enough Cons Time for The Pros First This Game Is Very Awesome And The Original Power ups Are Extremely Nice And Helpful Second The Levels In This Game Are Almost Perfect They Have The Correct Amount Of Enemies Power ups And Even Tough There Are A Lot Of Cons This Game Is Very Good And I Can Play It For A Long Time Without Getting Bored
Pros This Game Has Great Levels And The Original Power ups Like Mole Suit And Super Dandelion Are Very Nice And The Bosses Are Awesome
Cons 3D Land's Main Power ups Aren't Here
7 / 10
While The Game Controls Fairly Well The Camera Is Kind Of Bad And That Caused Me To Get A Couple Deaths And I Also Found A Glitch Where I Just Die Out Of No Where But Gameplay Is Pretty Good
5 / 10
While The Paper Mario For The N64 Looks Fine I Guess The Graphics Can Be Improved But Graphics Don't Matter
10 / 10
I Don't Know I Did Something To My PC And It Just Dosen't Have Sound Forever
Final Words
8 / 10
What? I Don't Understand What "Final Words" Mean So Rank It Random Number

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Jun 13 2020, 8:45 PM
It's Incredibly Annoying When You Capitalize Every Word, Despite The Fact That Only A Few Of The Words Need To Be Capitalized In The First Place
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