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Game Reviewed Super Mario Bros. Dimensions, by LangtonLion64
Review Author Carrot_64
Created May 27 2020, 4:49 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Super Mario Bros. Dimensions is possibly another game on one of the best games on this site. It mixes up traditional Mario with something new, dimension switching. It sounds weird until you know the plot trust me.
Pros -The music is great
-Sprites are amazing
-Polter is the highlight.
Cons -Sometimes the dimension switching gets me killed in holes.
10 / 10
It's traditional Mario but when you switch a dimension, the level layout is completely different. It also adds 3 new powerups (really 4).
8 / 10
Some of the graphics are just mario bros 3, or you can make the items in a mario 1 style, but I love the custom sprites. Other than that it's just a 8 bit style game.
10 / 10
The music is so good! Most of it is just mario music but in a 8 bit remix, but it's great. The music is one of the highlights in this game.
Final Words
9 / 10
The game is one another game that's one of the best on the site, this is a MUST PLAY on MFGG.

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