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Game Reviewed Super Crown Land, by Hello
Review Author Evan.F
Created May 16 2020, 11:21 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
What could be an ambitious and fun idea has being completly ruined by the lack of any love and care in this project, and the central basis being a dead meme makes things even worse.
Pros Cell shading is ok looking
It’s a 3D game so it’s kind of impressive
Cons Awful level design
Knock-off mobile game presentation
The skin feature is embarrasing
Bizarre music choices
Feels like a direct asset flip of Hello’s other two games
1 / 10
Level design is awful and so are the controls (granted, the latter could be due to me using keyboard controls). The worst offenders for me have to be 1-3 and 2-1 (as I only got that far). 1-3 has a seemingly impossible jump next to the checkpoint. 2-1 is a cave level that is suspiciously similar to other cave levels from the other 2 3D mario’s Hello has made. Here the panel puzzles become infuriating quickly as unkillable enemies such as spinys can remove any progress made.
2 / 10
Animations are terrible. This is particularly the case with the skins. Naruto and sonic both have very quick run cycles when compared to the running speed, but bad animation is everywhere. Also there is the barebones UI and, worst of all, the use of fanart.
The loading screens and the character icons during dialogue uses fan art from unrelated artists. With the character icons you can clearly see the seam lines in every one. The card collectable also uses seemingly stolen artwork. I will give a point to the cell shading as it looks serviceable at best
1 / 10
The dubstep music used during the game is alright, but good lord does it never fits one area it’s used in. The title screen sounds like a bad siivagunner rip. The sound effects are terrible, using either stock noises or outdated sound clips
Final Words
1 / 10
This is THE worst game I’ve ever played from this site. Everything feels like an AI just reskinned the other 2 games into something awful to experience. Stay away from this game andinstead play a better game such as Ninjabread man

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May 22 2020, 12:06 PM
This is an outdated review, I'll be making a new one soon
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