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Game Reviewed Bidget Ball, by Duckboy
Review Author Roo
Created Oct 31 2022, 5:59 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
What a name.
Pros + Some minigames are alright
+ The graphics are pretty good
+ The soundtrack isn't incredibly generic
Cons - Some minigames are really annoying
5 / 10
Before I say anything else, I should probably point out that the main "gameplay mechanic" of this collection, the eponymous Bidget Ball, is pretty much ruined by the default TGF bouncing ball movement. It bounces however and wherever it dang well pleases, ignoring pesky distractions like "gravity" and "logic".

The "waterski" minigame is entirely manageable. It's just hard enough to actually make you think about your movement without being overbearing.

The "Baby Mario coin-collecting" minigame gets a bit annoying. The playing area is small enough for the ball's erratic bouncing to make you take a few cheap hits. Some coins also spawn too high to be reachable (as far as I can tell). It's still not terribly hard, though.

The "inside someone's mouth" minigame is the first actually annoying minigame in this pack. Sometimes, you can avoid the ball without any problems, and sometimes it will hit you five times in a row and there's nothing you can do about it.

The "Poochy run" minigame is alright. The ball's movements feel especially erratic here for some reason, but it's still a pretty easy one.

The "bullet" minigame... oh dear. I only managed to beat it via sheer luck.

The "Kamek" minigame... oh deary, deary me. I didn't even manage to beat it with luck! The Bidget Ball already gets annoying when there's just one, and in this minigame there are TWO!

All in all, it's a passable minigame collection.
8 / 10
The graphics look real nice for the most part. Small touches like the health bar being a Chain Chomp are neat.
7 / 10
The music selection is decent. Not super-exciting, but also not the most generic tripe imaginable.

Most of the sound effects are alright, but there are a few that get a bit annoying.
Final Words
6 / 10
A passable minigame collection with some annoying minigames and some cool graphics.

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