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Game Reviewed Super Mario Gaiden, by Omega X
Review Author Roo
Created Oct 30 2022, 6:37 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
That name is false advertising. I didn't see a single ninja anywhere!
Pros + The second level looks good
Cons - The engine and level designs lead to a pretty boring, sloppy game
- The soundtrack, if you can even call it that, is not good
4 / 10
The engine used is the default Clickteam plaform movement, so you know what that means, kids; getting stuck on everything! Yaaay! I'm not sure it's even possible to hit ? Blocks without getting stuck to them. Luckily, the engine doesn't affect the platforming. I didn't fall into a single hole, and enemies died to stomping just fine every time.

The level design isn't bad, but it's a bit bland, and there are a lot of small things that bug me, like a set of ? Blocks that you can't even reach and a Koopa that walks on air. I do have to say that the look of the second level is pretty dang neat, though, and I wish more fan games had levels that looked like that.
7 / 10
Most of the graphics aren't terrible, but a lot of them are poorly used/resized/animated, leading to an overall messy look. I highly doubt that city has that many Mario toy factories in it.

Like I said above, I do have to give credit for how neat the second level looks. It genuinely surprised me when I first got to it.
3 / 10
I know that download speeds were slow in the halcyon days of '05, but surely Omega X could have afforded to download more than one mediocre SM64 midi.

The sound effects are passable, I guess.
Final Words
5 / 10
A typical, mediocre early 2000's fan game that does happen to have a cool-looking second level.

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