Review Information
Game Reviewed Super Mario Moobershmobby, by Ryan PF
Review Author Roo
Created Sep 9 2022, 2:02 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
I remember when Mario got the moobershmobby and moobered all over those shmobbies. It was the best part of Mariobius.
Pros + It's got a relatively unique idea, I guess
Cons - The gameplay isn't fun
- The graphics are all over the place
- The soundtrack is as trite as it gets
3 / 10
It doesn't play well, it's hard to understand, it's not very fun, the level design is all over the place, it forces itself into full-screen mode...

It's not a very good game is what I'm trying to say.
4 / 10
They are all over the place. Some are 8-bit, some are 16-bit, some are from DKC and some are photos.
5 / 10
Boring midis and equally boring sound effects. At least Donkey Kong uses his sound clips.
Final Words
3 / 10
Might or might not be worth it as a multiplayer game, but as a single-player one, forget about it.

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