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Game Reviewed Super Mario Fused (Complete), by Shikaternia
Review Author Benjamin
Created Sep 4 2022, 10:57 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
i wanted to like this...i really wanted to but the game can be very annoying....the graphics and music is good....but in gameplay it can be very frustating.....the game has bugs like some checkpoint's not working

the special coins which are apparantly supposed to unlock world 9 if you collect all in a world don't do that and some special coins i can't grab and some secret exits at least 1 can't find
Pros - some power-ups are very fun to use
- there's a lot of variety in enemies and levels
- some good music and graphics in the game
- coin collecting and levels can be fun sometimes
- controls are good
Cons - level design can get frustating and hard
- annoying glitches and errors which makes the game harder and seemingly impossible to actually 100%
- enemies can get very annoying and can get spammed
- travelling in the world map can be very slow
5 / 10
the controls are good and levels can be very fun. some power-ups i really enjoy using and finding the coins can also be fun. but the error,glitches and the annoying level design ruin it for me, checkpoints sometimes not work sending you back to the start. world 9 levels seem to not be unlockable even when collecting all special coins in a world. and some stages feature 2 coins and i don't get why
also some secret exits seem to not exist at least it seems for 6-5
and while it's cool that so many enemies are in this game they can get spammed a lot for example monty moles
10 / 10
i enjoyed the graphics. they look great despite sometimes being simple. so i didn't mind them too much. i don't think i can really say anything bad about the graphics because they never actually bothered me i think
8 / 10
the music is pretty good and there are a lot of them but some music doesn't really seem interesting. it's not really too annoying just kind of boring and not good sometimes. i feel like the worse songs are usually in the castle levels
Final Words
6 / 10
the controls,graphics and music are good and the levels can be too but glitches,errors and frustating level design ruin the game for me

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