Review Information
Game Reviewed Wart World, by the real wart
Review Author Roo
Created Sep 1 2022, 8:04 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
I get the feeling this game was made by a faker.
Pros + It's about Wart. He's cool
+ He can shoot bubbles. That's cool too.
+ The story could've been cool as well
Cons - Plays poorly, which is very uncool
3 / 10
Not only does this game use the default Clickteam movement, but it also uses some of the worst speed/gravity/etc. values I've ever seen in one of these games. Trying to jump between spikes and Piranha Plants with controls this heavy is painful.

The level design is barely existent. Most of the demo is just flat or slightly raised platforms with an enemy here and some spikes there. The bosses aren't much better either; you defeat the first one just by tapping the shoot button, and the second one feels poorly balanced.

One thing I do like is that Wart can shoot bubbles. The mechanic is done pretty poorly as Wart is faster than the bubbles for some reason, but like they say, it's better than nothing.

Also, the story (or what little we see of it) is kinda neat too.
6 / 10
They're a bit "all over the place", and a lot of them are stretched, but it's definitely not the ugliest fan game I've ever seen. Plus, Wart's death sprite is hilarious.
7 / 10
It's not the best-sounding game, but it does have some decent music, and at least it doesn't exclusively use the most generic Mario bleep-bloops ever.
Final Words
3 / 10
A bland, poorly-made romp that'll leave you hungering for an actually good Wart game.

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