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Game Reviewed Super Mario Saga World, by Guss
Review Author Roo
Created Aug 27 2022, 5:11 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
That name is really ironic, considering this game somehow manages to have less story than the average mainline Mario.
Pros + There sure is a lot of it
Cons - It's really boring, bland, uninteresting, predictable, doesn't do anything new, does what it does poorly etc.
- The graphics don't really work together
3 / 10
I don't know if Guss intended to do it or not, but what he managed to create is essentially the video game equivalent of Purgatory. There's a seemingly endless number of bland, uninteresting levels with barely any noticeable difference between them. They're all from the "let's just slap random platforms and coins and enemies here and there and see what happens" school of level design. There's no interesting biome variation, no new enemies, no gimmicks, no bosses, nothing.

Gameplaywise, it's passable, but also fundamentally uninteresting. The movement system is "fine", but pretty janky. One of the best examples of the game's general blandness is the fact that there are two powerups, the Fire Flower and the Ice Flower, which seem to be exactly identical aside from the graphics. There's also a lives system, but you can continue from the same level an unlimited number of times making it entirely useless. Fantastic.

This is all capped off by the fact that the game crashed for me because of some Game Maker error, and I don't know if the save system just didn't work or if I had to do something specific to save the game, but there's no gosh diddly ding dong darn way I'm going through that nonsense again just to see five dozen more boring, samey levels.
5 / 10
I'm not one of those people who automatically hate MLSS graphics in 2D platformers, but they don't work at all with the SMW tilesets. The HP hearts are also pretty bad-looking, constantly sitting in the middle of the screen for no reason.
5 / 10
The music, while fine, is poorly looped in most levels, and the sounds of Mario jumping will eventually drive you insane.
Final Words
4 / 10
It's not a BAD game, it's just that there isn't much point to actually playing it.

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