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Game Reviewed Super Mario Bros 2012 Doomsday (DEMO), by BuzzNBen, Supernova
Review Author Roo
Created Aug 17 2022, 2:01 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
It's-a me, Mayario! The world-a gonna end soon-a! We gotta sacrifice-a Luigi to appease the volcano god! Wahoo!
Pros + Interesting subject matter
+ Kickass sound track
Cons - Lacking in the gameplay department
- The transition animations between levels and the overworld are awful
5 / 10
First of all, I have to point out how hilarious it is that the description states that this game "features physics very close to the original Super Mario World on the SNES" and might "fool [you] into thinking it's a SMW hack!", because that is very much not the case. The physics and acceleration in this game are some of the weirdest I have ever seen. It takes practically no time to accelerate, which makes precision platforming annoying, and you often reach max jump height just by gently tapping the jump button which also makes precision platforming annoying.

Speaking of precision platforming, the level design is all over the place. It's definitely nowhere near the worst, but a lot of it just feels like the designer placed a few random objects and platforms here and there and called it a day.

The boss battles are theoretically interesting, but pretty slow in practice (and you can cheese both of them pretty easily by just repeatedly jumping on the boss's head).

The story could also have been interesting, but there sadly isn't much of it in this demo. There ARE a lot of really annoying Toads who don't have anything worthwhile to say, though. Sucks to be the kind of person who wants to read "everything".
7 / 10
They fit together well enough. Some of them (like Bowser Jr. and Larry) are a bit weak, maybe. I do have to say that the transitions between the levels and the overworld are horrible, though.
9 / 10
The music is really good. More games should use .SPCs.

The sound effects... are. Nothing much to say about them. The skidding sound is oddly low-quality, I guess.
Final Words
6 / 10
Could have been interesting, but falls flat on its face due to poor Mario handling and mediocre level design.

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Feb 1 2023, 7:44 AM
I have to take some of that blame because I wrote the physics of the SMW library over a decade ago.
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