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Game Reviewed Mario Curse Medallion, by gamelover110
Review Author Roo
Created Aug 3 2022, 2:56 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
If Mario were a caveman and he wanted to curse a medallion, he'd say "Mario curse medallion".
Pros + Interesting gameplay concept
Cons - Doesn't really use the concept in interesting ways, though
- There are a ton of annoying little things that ruin the gameplay experience
- The graphics aren't very good
4 / 10
The basic gameplay concept is kind of interesting, but it's mostly ruined by a lot of annoying small (and slightly bigger) things. You get stuck on everything, the enemy AI is really bizarre sometimes, Mario's wonky hitbox means you'll miss coins you're supposed to hit and die to hazards you're supposed to miss.

The level design varies from pretty good to god-awful, mostly thanks to really annoying enemy placement. The boss fights are either "mash button to win", or the big crab fight.

Basically, it's a decent game ruined by a lot of small things.
4 / 10
Most of the graphics aren't all that good at the best of times, but when the whole screen is filled with rapidly rotating coins, they're very very very bad.
7 / 10
The sound effects are bland and the overused midis are abundant. It does have one track from SMRPG and one interesting remix, though, so it's acceptable.
Final Words
4 / 10
Might be worth trying out if you want a vaguely Pac-Man-like game and aren't easily frustrated, but probably a skip otherwise.

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