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Game Reviewed The Miraculous Boss Battle III, by awesomeface
Review Author Roo
Created Jul 24 2022, 8:22 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
[Mario walks in from stage left]
Luigi: "What happened, Mario?"
Mario: "I just beat The Miraculous Boss Battle III."
[laugh track, roll credits]
Pros I don't think there are any.
Cons - Most of the gameplay is somehow worse than in the previous game
- The boss is one of the worst I've seen in any game ever
- The graphics aren't very good
2 / 10
The engine used is still the default Game Maker one, which doesn't feel good to control. Unlike the previous games, this one also has a lot of walls you can get "stuck on" due to poor collision detection. Fun.

The level design is, once again, pretty poor. You go through an uninteresting level where the only real obstacles are Thwomps (...I think?) that you have to avoid, which isn't very hard. You then reach the finale of this grand trilogy, and...

I don't think I can even call the thing at the end a "boss battle". There's no danger, there's no excitement, there's nothing. You literally just jump on top of it and its health drains in about two seconds. Utterly pitiful.

A very bad showing is what I'm trying to say.
4 / 10
Default Game Maker blocks, a horribly stretched JPG photo background, ugly "Thwomps"... it's got a little bit of "kitsch" value, but to most people, it's probably just going to look "ugly."
7 / 10
The music's still pretty good, and the sound effects are still almost non-existent.
Final Words
2 / 10
If you're only going to play one game in the Miraculous Boss Battle trilogy, don't make it this one.

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