Review Information
Game Reviewed Toad Strikes Back, by Thunder Dragon
Review Author Chanceux2
Created Jul 21 2022, 6:52 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
I didn't know that there was a game this good on the MFGG site. This game is a amazing game and doubt one of the best Fanmade 2D Platformers I've ever played. SMBX Is still on top for me though.
Pros The Levels, The Gameplay, The Graphics, the Music basically everything but the controls
Cons Kinda Jank Controls and the music fading away
9 / 10
It's like a 2D Mario mixed in 3D But more 2D Mario Aspects which makes this fangame stand out from other ones. Super Mario 63 still takes the top on the 2D Mario and 3D Mario though
10 / 10
Amazing. There isn't anything wrong with the graphics unless I just start nitpicking like "I thought Toadette was the only toad thats a girl!!11!11"
8 / 10
No problems with the sound but again, the only problem with the music is it fading away but I don't think fangames mainly used ogg but then again it could of used the Super Mario 63 way of looping music which is adding the intro of the music and then using the main theme that loops. Good music either way
Final Words
9 / 10
It's amazing because 1 it's toad and 2 it feels like a actual mario game other then the controls. Could improve the controls a bit but yeah, good game.

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