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Game Reviewed New Super Mario Bros PC, by Dr. Misfire
Review Author aot2035
Created Apr 21 2019, 7:41 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
This game has something good to do on its own, but it shows it wrong. A very poorly-designed game that probably nobody shouldn't download, but I did to play & review it. And out of nowhere, I agree that this game is bad. Let me explain.
Pros - Music... and that's it
Cons - Bad collision
- Weird controls
- Bad sprites
- Really bad physics
- Almost everything else is bad
1 / 10
In terms of gameplay, it's boring. Firstly, the controls are out of place. How is Spacebar a jump button and not buttons like X? And even if you sprint, you're still pretty slow-ish, which honestly is bad. Physics... I'm baffled by them. Physics doesn't make any sense, at least only in this game (and few others). But god, you're feeling like you're skating on ice. It's so slippery that it gets hard to play it without any damage. Also, how in the hell touching a Koopa shell turns out into a small Mario? That's disgraceful. Also, when you're about to go through the pipe down... THE GAME JUST TURNS OFF PHYSICS AND YOU FALL LIKE NORMAL. Very disgusting.
3 / 10
Welp... Graphics are bad, too. Sprites, especially the small Mario's one, have poor quality. At least they aren't as bad as gameplay, so I have nothing more to say about them.
5 / 10
Sound is, interestingly enough, good compared to other components of this game, and I actually love it. Again, nothing more... The music is the only good part of this game. Sadly, the jump sound is overused every time you jump. That "YAH YAH YAH" sound gets more annoying as time goes on.
1 / 10
...Yeah. I don't recommend you to play this game. It has a lot of gameplay problems, which will disappoint you a lot, but other parts are from meh to okay at best. But it gets boring, as this game is relatively medium-aged (from 2015), so don't play this game ever again.
Final Words
2 / 10
This game is horrible, but it's far from being the very bottom of the barrel.

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