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Game Reviewed Mario and the Lost Worlds: Halloween Special, by Super Piter
Review Author FibS
Created Dec 25 2020, 7:04 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Overall: 2/5 Needs Review

Mario and the Lost Worlds: Halloween Special is a one-level demo for a game I haven't otherwise played.

It needs some work.
Pros Graphic assets are good by themselves
Sounds are fitting
Cons Very awkward movement & physics
Demo is only one short level
4 / 10
There's nothing particularly unique about this one; it's a very simple Mario level.

The most important element of any Mario game is how Mario moves, and his movement in this game is rather jerky - especially when you try to run. Mario's dash speed is way too high for how small the screen is, and running off cliffs or into obstacles is common.

The biggest problem with the physics, however, is the extremely tight hitbox for jumping into a ? block. It can take a dozen or more tries before it works.

Mario can run off the right of the level past the star and die.

I'm pretty sure at one point I bumped into a Goomba as Super Mario and died instantly. Not sure what the exact cause is.
6 / 10
The graphic assets themselves look alright.

The breakable blocks just vanish when destroyed. There's no explosion of block bits.

Not only does Mario run as fast as Sonic, but his feet spin around like Sonic's too. It's bizarre.
6 / 10
Largely rips from SM64 and Sunshine.
Final Words
4 / 10
For a one-level demo, it's not very well-polished. SP should focus on tightening up the movement.

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