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Game Reviewed Mario's Burgers, by FabianLC
Review Author littlelum
Created Apr 10 2018, 11:56 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Mario's Burgers has a simple concept: A customer orders a burger, and Mario has to collect the falling ingredients. Is this game charming and well put together? Or is the two-day develpoment a clear sign of its many of problems?
Pros Feels like a smartphone game, which is good, considering that this is a minigame

There's a hidden Easter egg when you press the spacebar while making an order, but don't worry, because it doesn't affect what you need to collect.
Cons Contains a few bugs that cause some ingredients to be collected as soon as the round starts without you knowing

It's impossible to select "how to play" in the main menu, but luckily it's easy to figure out. (Press the space bar to start the game, and the arrows to move around)
8 / 10
A customer walks up and orders a buger, so Mario catches the falling ingredients to assemble the burger. Simple, right? Yes, it is, but that's one of the many reasons why this game is fun to play. Here's a breakdown of the game: After the customer has ordered, the first thing to do is to catch the bun. Afterwards, the ingredients start falling down. It's up to you to remember what you have and haven't caught, because the list doesn't automatically check it off. After all the ingredients are collected, buns will start raining down and all you have to do is collect one. Afterwards, Mario tosses the burger to Luigi, who then gives it to the customer. To keep the fun going, the ingredients start to fall faster as you finish more orders, and eventually the customers will ask for bigger burgers. Be careful however, because just one wrong topping will end in a gameover. However, there is one unfortunate glitch in the game: sometimes, the toppings have already been collected, but it's impossible to tell otherwise! This glitch is especially devastating when you need to collect the same topping multiple times.
9 / 10
The graphical style looks great, none of the sprites clash, but there is a minor bug that involves the bag of food, but it's very hard to notice unless you look at the bottom right screen while the customer is walking away.
10 / 10
The music suits the game really well. The voices for the characters are excellent as well.
7 / 10
This game as fun to play a few times in one sitting, but don't expect to play it for hours at a time.
Final Words
8 / 10
A great game that's sadly hampered by a bug. However, this is one game that you shouldn't pass by.

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