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Game Reviewed Mario Kart: Speed Strife, by DJ Coco
Review Author Yoshi542
Created Jan 30 2021, 1:27 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Mario Kart: Speed Strife is pretty good! It may not look that good at surface if you just watch people play it, but playing it is a really good experience.
Pros This game has unlockable characters (which I haven't unlocked because I'm bad), including some anime girl I don't know or care to know the name of. The tracks are great! Not sure what else to add, the game is just really good!
Cons There's only 16 tracks in the entire game (to my knowledge), and, trust me, the magic fades FAST. Also, the CPUs are REALLY hard. Maybe I'm just bad, but the CPUs seem to just go faster than me sometimes, with no rhyme or reason.
7 / 10
The track designs are really good and feel like an actual Mario Kart. The acceleration is fine. The turning feels... a bit off. It just goes so slow... and the drifts are the ones from SMK, which I personally hate, but that's just because I suck at them. Also, why can't you stop the item spinner early like in the real game? Also, there are no invincibility frames at all, so you can get hit over and over again if the CPUs want that to happen to you.
8 / 10
The graphics are overall pretty good. The colors for the courses and the players look vibrant and alive, like your typical Mario Kart. The character models are the ones from MKDS instead of something brand new, but I'll excuse it. 3D models are hard to make!
9 / 10
The music and SFX are pretty good! Most of the tracks are from MK8, making the soundtrack great to listen to while racing! Not sure what else to put, at that point I'm rating MK8's soundtrack.
Final Words
9 / 10
Mario Kart: Speed Strife is a gift by fans, for fans. I would highly recommend playing it if/when you get the chance!

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