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General Commentary and Game Overview
Super Paper Mario World 2 is a demo made on The Game Factory by epicgamerdudething. As a sequence of one of the most criticized games on the MFGG, can it surprize the world being a good game? No. It's a piece of trash.
If someone told me that the creator of this literally smashed the keyboard, the mouse and the screen and tried to create a game, I would believe it.
The experience of gameplay is almost nule. Terrible level designs, bad jokes, ugly sprites and sound effects and bad programming are some of the things that the game offers.
Let's continue with the review.
Pros Sometimes, you'll found some good songs (but that you heard a thousand times before).
At least, the switch-gimmick works well. You can't finish the level without pressing it.
Cons Horrible level design
Bad story
Ugly sprites and sound effects
Bad attempt to make jokes that break the 4th wall
1 / 10
What you'll find in this game is nothing more, nothing less, of part of the worst gameplay I've ever seen. The physics are a piece of garbage - you can get stuck in every platform that appears. Also, most of the levels are just flat, without any elevations from the terrain itself, only a flying platform which doesn't fall or move. That's it: the only object bisides grass that you'll find is a SMW's flying platform. End.
PS: For some reason, I can't give it a 0 out of 10. That's why I gave it a 1 out of 10.
PS: If I could, I would give it a 0 out of 10.
But, I think that the singleplayer bad levels aren't the worst part. The truly worst part is the multiplayer. Which doesn't work with 2 players (????). For some reason, if you press any arrow key, the 2 players will move simultaneously. So, summing up, if you press up, Mario will kill Luigi and player 1 will win. If you press down, Luigi will kill mario and player 2 will win. Sigh.
2 / 10
The level design itself is terrible, like everything else in this game. As I said in gameplay topic, the only graphics that exists in this game are grass/stone (in castle levels) and the SMW's flying platform. The levels, basically, is this: 4 meters of flat grass, 3 platforms, 2 meters of flat platforms, a switch, next level. Is EVERY SINGLE sprite ugly? No. Were almost all sprites used wrongly? Yes. Mario's sprite is horrible, it's too big compared to the other ones, main screen is horrible, and so it goes. I will give a 2 out of 10 'cause it's terrible, but not the worst thing in the game.
4 / 10
I think the songs in this game is the thing more tolerable on it, since he's using only songs that even if you heard it a thousand times before, it still is nice to hear. But, oh man, the jump sound is so bad. Why, epicgamerdudething? Why?!
1 / 10
Obviously, I'm not gonna play it again. Even if he completes the development of this game, I'm gonna ignore it completely.
PS: For some reason, I can't give it a 0 out of 10. That's why I gave it a 1 out of 10 (again).
Final Words
1 / 10
A piece of trash. This game is terrible in every aspect - and it's not even complete. I wouldn't recommend this game not even to my worst enemy.

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