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Game Reviewed Mario's Panic capture, by Blueburn67, by Atribute
Review Author Roo
Created Jan 7 2022, 8:28 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
This game is a lot like having an actual panic disorder; everything looks early 90's, you can swim, and Donkey Kong is there.
Pros + Interesting gameplay
+ Interesting graphical style
+ Good soundtrack
Cons - Gameplay is a bit wonky
- The final boss arena looks horrible
- Sounds are sometimes very loud
6 / 10
The idea is interesting, but the execution is a bit lacking to say the least. It's very clunky, you often don't know what your attack is going to hit, and there's barely any variation.

There are two boss fights in the game. It's a bit weird that neither of them use the title mechanic of the game, but the final boss fight is actually one of the best I've ever seen in a fan game, actually forcing you to utilize the dodge mechanic in order to not die.
7 / 10
The game's artstyle is... weird. "Unique," even. The sprites are mostly from Paper Mario (with a few neat custom enemies in the mix), but the backgrounds are "very simple mid-90's 3D." It probably won't look very appealing to most people these days, but I'm kinda into it.

One specific thing worth noting, I feel, is that the final boss fight has platforms that are constantly flashing brightly which is really annoying.
7 / 10
Most of the music and sounds are good, but a lot of them are VERY loud.
Final Words
6 / 10
A flawed mess, but still worth experiencing (unless you have epilepsy).

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