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Game Reviewed Mario Mini Game Madness, by Superadammario
Review Author Roo
Created Jan 1 2022, 10:28 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Mario Mini Game Madness is a fine example of why quantity over quality is rarely a winning formula. If Superadammario had taken one of the games in the collection and refined it alone, he might have made something actually worthwh *remembers Paper Mario World* Oh, right. Nevermind.
Pros + Super Mario Quiz is... alright, I guess?
Cons - Every other game is utter garbage
- Most of the graphics are horrible
3 / 10
Surfing Challenge is a relatively mindless, boring shooter game that could really have benefited from some kind of stakes-raising.

Coin Hunt is a short "platformer" where you play as Mario and ride Yoshi to collect coins. There are basically no obstacles or challenges, and I almost thought the game was looping indefinitely due to how bland its single-screen levels were.

Yoshi Quest is an equally short platformer that does manage to have some enemies in it. Yoshi must dispatch them using his ever-familiar shell-throwing skill (?). There's a story (you must save Mario) and even a boss fight at the end. Thus, Yoshi Quest enters the hallowed Hall of Not Fame But Just Barely Acceptable In a Very Specific Context.

Marios Sky Adventure is basically Surfing Challenge, but with free movement and (what could VERY charitably be described as) a story mode (and also no score). There's a boss fight at the end of this one too, but I sadly don't think that's enough to really qualify this as Acceptable (TM).

Mario Pong is, despite its name, actually Mario Breakout. More specifically, it's Breakout with Mario as the "ball." Due to the janky default Clickteam physics and Mario's non-ballesque shape, he just flies all over the place and you basically have no control over where he goes. Surprisingly, despite having a score meter, the game isn't infinite and only has two levels (which are basically the same level twice). After you beat them, you get a Secret Password (if you want to see what secrets it hides but can't be bothered to complete the game, the password is "mario").

Sea Quest is LITERALLY Surfing Challenge, but with free movement and (what could VERY charitably be described as) a story mode (and also no score). There's a boss fight at the end of this one too, but I sadly don't think that's enough to really qualify this as Acceptable (TM), especially when it's basically the same thing as Marios Sky Adventure.

Go Kart Battle is a game where you control Mario in a kart, who must drive to the goal flag. The fact that his sprite only has 8 directions, while the movement has a lot more, makes navigating the tight levels excessively annoying sometimes. In case you're wondering why the game is called a "Battle," it's because you fight against Bowser in the final level. It's basically the same fight as all the previous ones, except that you're driving a janky kart. This basically makes it the hardest thing in the collection.

Super Mario Quiz is a Super Mario quiz.

Mario Adventure is a ga- okay, okay, jeez. Super Mario Quiz is, as its name implies, a quiz about the Mario series. As far as I can tell, it doesn't get any info wrong, and some of the questions are actually a little bit esoteric, so... I suppose Super Mario Quiz is actually completely alright in my books. Anyway...

Mario Adventure is a short platformer that has enemies, though you're extremely unlikely to get hit by a single one due to your comically overpowered fireballs. There's also a Bowser fight at the end. I feel like there's a pattern here or something...

Super Mario 3D Quest isn't 3D. It does, however, use Super Mario RPG graphics, which it likely derives its name from (though plenty other games in the collection use SMRPG graphics too, so who knows). It's a top-down shooter, where Mario moves really slowly. There's also a Bowser fight at the end (surprise!!!), though for some reason, this particular Bowser has a ton of HP (and is also a harder target to hit (fun!!!)).

Boss Battle is, contrary to what its name might suggest, actually six boss battles in a row, the last two of them being, surprise surprise, against JOHN MADD- I mean Bowser. He does breathe fire in these instead of just walking/flying around, so that's something. The other fights are, as you might've guessed, equally horribly designed.

All in all, every game in MMGM (except Super Mario Quiz) is "just barely acceptable-ish on a good day" at best.
4 / 10
Almost all of the graphics in almost all of the games are either bad, poorly used, or awkwardly colored.
7 / 10
The MIDIs used are, mostly, alright. It does bug me that the only SMRPG track in the game wasn't used in the "SMRPG game" (Super Mario 3D Quest, that is).

Most of the sound effects, on the other hand, are loud and/or poorly compressed, leading to many a blown-out ear if wearing headphones. Be aware.
Final Words
3 / 10
Mario Mini Game Madness is perhaps slightly better than any one fifth of Action 52, but not by much.

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