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Game Reviewed Super Mario 5 a Day, by Misteryt1MFGG
Review Author Roo
Created Aug 22 2021, 8:02 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Before I go on, I must warn you, dear reader, that this review contains spoilers for Super Mario 5 a Day. If you want your play experience to be as pristine as possible, play it before reading this.

...Actually, why on Earth would you play a game BEFORE reading a review of it?
Pros + The story's kinda funny occasionally
+ The gameplay's not horrible, for the most part
+ I like the idea of a Sonic Mushroom
Cons - There are some extremely aggravating platforms out there
- The virus-defending minigame blows
5 / 10
The engine used for the game is everyone's favorite mediocrity, the default Clickteam platformer movement. There aren't many things to get stuck on, though, so it's not that bad.

The level design is, for the most part, pretty bare-bones, though kinda fun. There are a couple levels that offer more than just a linear, jumpy romp to the end, but even those are basically just "two lines" instead. Furthermore, the second level sends you back to the beginning after beating it, forcing you to play through it twice. Very Fun.

There are also two kinds of platforms, "erratically-moving" and "up-and-down," that both make jumping off them very hard and annoying. Not a fan.

There are three power-ups in the game; the Mega Mushroom which makes Mario big and plays some annoying music, the Sonic Mushroom which turns Mario into Sonic (it doesn't change the gameplay much or anything, but I hope Nintendo implements it into the next Mario game anyway), and the 5 A Day, which combined turn Mario into Alpha Mario, who gains the ability to headbutt. I hope Nintendo implements this powerup into the next Mario game too.

The game contains a few boss battles, but none of them are all that special. Furthermore, you seem to be unable to die, meaning that they are all ultimately just wars of attrition. I did like the segment at the end of the game where you have to refight all the bosses, though.

There are also a few minigames, and none of them are very good. The worst one is definitely the virus-defending minigame, where it is sometimes almost impossible to react in time. An apt metaphor for antiviruses, perhaps.
6 / 10
The graphics are a blend of decent sprites, photographs, and cutouts of all kinds of random junk. While I would definitely hesitate to call the game's graphics "good-looking," they do occasionally have this almost stylish look to how weird they are. That, plus it's funny to see Mario fighting a Real Person.
6 / 10
For the most part, the soundtrack consists of some pretty mediocre midis. None of them are particularly horrifying, but none of them really inspire any adulation either. As I said before, that one track about "being an alpha male eating meat in a vegan world" can go to Hell, though.

The sound effects are... sound-effecty. I don't remember any of them hurting or healing my ears, so I dunno what to say. The random clips of Bri'ish media were kinda funny sometimes, I guess.
Final Words
5 / 10
More like Super Mario 5/10 a Day, am I right?

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