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Game Reviewed Maridows 64, by Ralorche
Review Author Roo
Created Aug 18 2021, 5:45 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
If Nintendo ever made an OS, it probably wouldn't look like this, which is a darn shame.
Pros + A decent simulation of the XP experience (XPerience?)
+ THE SECRET GAME is pretty good
Cons - Having to restart the whole game and wait at the loading screen several times was a bit of a bummer
7 / 10
The operating system portion is a decent-enough simulation of a bad OS. I would've appreciated a bit more pizzazz, like a VPN (Vario's Pipe Network) or something. The loading time was perhaps a bit TOO good of a simulation, though, as having to restart the game a few times made for a lot of waiting.

The various gadgets and knick-knacks contained within the OS provide some good, nostalgic fun. Whomst among us (amogus) hasn't wasted their time scrawling baloney into the Notepad, downloaded viruses off SoftDownloadCenterSite.virus, or listened to some bangers on the Windows Media Player?

Bald Martin is a good tool for learning your numbers, provided you live in The Dimension Where Numbers Are All Wrong and Bad.

Waluigi 3-in-1 is a good collection of minigames, provided you have never played another game in your life and don't plan on doing so. Waluigi Scene is especially nice, as you can stack multiple Waluigis on top of each other in it, and as my grandpappy used to say, "a Waluigi stack is as good as a horse in the evening." Whatever he meant by that, we still don't know.

THE SECRET GAME (British Mario 1.5) is surprisingly good. Would love to see a full version of it if you ever get back to making less serious fangames (though I'd gladly take Essence of Waluigi 2 over it).
7 / 10
The graphics generally look good when they're supposed to and crusty when they're not.
7 / 10
Lots of good tracks here, and also a lot of incredibly poor-quality versions of existing Mario tracks. I'm not sure if they're fanmade midis or from one of those weird edutainment Mario games like Mario Goes Missing, but they sure sound... distinctive.
Final Words
7 / 10
The peak of edutainment.

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