Review Information
Game Reviewed Late Night Mario, by Glukom
Review Author Roo
Created Aug 16 2021, 2:26 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Late Night Mario is the first, fledgling step in the Late Night Mario saga, and while playing it isn't necessary to understand the lore, you should probably still do it. I mean, it's only, what, 5 minutes long, if that? Come on.
Pros + The artstyle is nice, even if the blocks are a bit boring
+ The dog music is nice
+ Kremit is one of my favorite Moppets
Cons - Kinda short and uneventful
- The final boss isn't exactly anything to write home about
6 / 10
Two shortish levels full of standard platforming and a boss battle that merely involves awkwardly dodging some fireballs don't exactly make the best game. Nothing about it is broken or anything, and it wasn't made with the default Clickteam movement so it works smoothly, but it's still quite boring.
8 / 10
The artstyle is pretty unique. The characters look nice, but the blocks could've been jazzed up a bit more. The photo backgrounds give the game a particularly unique look.
7 / 10
The dog music gets repetitive, but it's still nice.
Final Words
6 / 10
It's probably not going to wow you, but it's only like 5 minutes long, so Just Do It, and then play the much better sequels.

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