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Game Reviewed Mario Kart: Turbo Tournament DEMO, by NoNameMFGG
Review Author homerisasimpson
Created Jul 9 2021, 11:50 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Some ideas you have won't turn out well. This is the case for Mario Kart: Turbo Tournament. This game was an idea that simply does not work as a Mario Kart game.
Pros - Great Spritework
- Good Choice of Music that makes you feel nostalgic
- Themed Tracks
- Inverted Gravity
Cons - Each track feels the same
- The game is luck based
- Not challenging as a platformer
2 / 10
I cannot rate gameplay high as it is mostly luck based. Each CPU has about the same amount of skill so it comes down to if you can mash the space button on slopes and who has the better power ups. Zero Gravity was a fun gimmic that I though translated perfectly into 2D design. However, it also slows down gameplay as some power ups are useless in those areas.
4 / 10
The interface is pretty bland and unpleasant to look at. The racer sprites for the four racers are amazing though, and translated well into 2D. However, maps are hard to look at as they feel like a blurred mess sometimes during gameplay.
10 / 10
The sound is an amazing mix of modern Mario songs made into 8-bit remixes. Each song fits the theme of their Nintendo track and gives the game a great aesthetic. Sound effects in gameplay are decent as they sound like a Mario platformer. Probably the best sound choices I've seen in a flash game up to this point.
Final Words
3 / 10
It is obvious that NoNameMFGG has a lot of talent. If he remade this game and made it more platforming based and less luck based, with a better title screen and interface, I'll be there day 1. However, I cannot recommend this game and it's overall another failed attempt of Mario Kart on PC.

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