Frogger 2 Remake
By: Ryan Silberman [E] [W]
A full fan remake of the Game Boy Color version of Frogger 2, built for PC and Android devices!

There are three game files included in the ZIP.
GM8 - Compiled with Game Maker 8
GMS - Compiled with Game Maker Studio

If one of the above doesn't work well, try the other!

Also included is an Apk, for playing the game on mobile.

Play as Frogger or Lillie Frog as they conquer 32 stages to rescue the missing frog children. You can play in a variety of different ways, including with another player via local co-op, or by selecting between three different music choices (Original, Arcade, and GB Mix - which consists of a selection of tunes from certain other Game Boy titles). You can use the keyboard, a controller, or play with swipe or tap controls if you're using an Android.

After playing the levels in the main game, you can also set personal highscores in the Visit Level mode.

-Player 1-
Up, Down, Left, Right - Move
WASD (single player only) - Move
Controller 1 - Move

-Player 2-
WASD - Move
Controller 2 - Move

-Both players-
Enter, Escape, and Controller buttons - Talk to Tarius, the elderly frog

To navigate the menu, you can use either the arrows, WASD, or the mouse. You can press Enter, Escape, or buttons on your controller to confirm your selections or go to the next screen after beating a level.
Completion: Full Game Genre: Adventure
Franchise: OTHER

Update History
07/03/21  Forgot a couple controls details.
[O] Created: May 30 2021, 12:16 AM
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