PM64 style Flopter By: Theopold, OmegaF.
Everyone's favorite... uhhh, I don't know what this is. Some flower-bug-robot thingy, found in train levels. Now in 2.5D!

It's buildable, like puzzle pieces, so you can create your own poses and expressions( though examples are included too). I'd like to note that only a few characters in the '64 game are in parts like this( even though the sequel "popularized" it), such as Bowser, or Buzzard(?), but that's why there are examples!

The wings would rotate in 3D if this were to be used in an actual game. The wings aren't in some examples because I'm finished and never want to draw a Flopter ever again /j. It may be a bit too small in comparison to Mario. They were already pretty tiny, but I definitely took it too far.

I considered drawing separate 2d wings, but nah, that's it for now. Hmm... maybe I'll do Blockstepper next, but not sure if I will. Might not even be in Paper Mario style, thinking about it.

Special thanks to OmegaF. on this very site, this 1-upy boi added tons of feedback. I also had to check TSR a few times to get a "reference" of what Paper Mario games look like( mostly the eyes). Of course, huge thanks to Nintendo for the very idea of this. I also used JS Paint instead of MS Paint, so you might notice a slight change in style.
Type Info
Format Sprite Sheets Sprites and animation frames saved in a static image medium.
Contents Original Sprites that are made completely from scratch.

Update History
09/08/21  Took some feedback and fixed various issues with the sprite.
- Made it slightly less saturated (but not the thumbnail, don't you know how thumbnails work? :])
- Added more examples (jumping, speaking) along with a new eye type
- Added s
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Sep 6 2021, 5:05 PM
I think you might have the wrong impression on what Paper Mario 64s art style generally was.

Most of the sprites in that game are individually crafted poses and not molded together like TTYD's graphics were.

Your Flopter also uses brighter colors then PM64 generally outputs, even the whites are more bright gray in that.

The Flopter is also very Small when put side by side to Mario, and you have the character on a 2D plane when characters look slightly more 3D and have one foot a few pixels higher then the other to cheat a depth look.

Here, I've sprited ya an example of what I'm talking about for the style, feel free to use this if you ever want to take another crack at it down the road
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Sep 7 2021, 10:49 AM
Hm? It's my first try, thanks for helping me improve.

Ik it's not originally puzzle pieces like this, but it's more fun to animate using and sprite with. I might make more preset poses in the future.

Oof, I see. I should swap the palette or something to fix this.

They already are pretty tiny, but I agree I probably should have added a reference.

As I said, they are tiny, but I now agree that this is ridiculous. And yeah, you can fix that when using the parts I made, but I really see your point.

Nice job! The wings and eyes are a bit off but who am I to judge?
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