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Game Reviewed Mario's Journey, by Hello
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Created Mar 16 2019, 3:38 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
You guys might be wondering why I'm reviewing this game in 2019. See, Hello just released his latest Mario fangame, Super Mario Prism, which is verry different to any other game he has released before. So I decided to look back at his past fangames and review every single one of them.

What's funny about this particular game is that despite its flaws it somehow still manages to be more playable than Super Mario Prism.
Pros + I've seen worse level design.
+ It's simplicity makes it enjoyable in a way.
Cons - That being said the gameplay is probably way too simplistic.
- Very forgettable, there's nothing in this game it stands out.
- The level design relies too much on hidden blocks.
- The physics aren't very good.
- No menus, or anything of that sort
- SMB3 graphics reeeeeeee
3 / 10
It's Mario in its purest form. You can walk, jump, run, hit blocks, jump on Goombas. You have all the basic moves and nothing else. There aren't any gimmicks, any powerups, anything that can make this game stand out really. It's just "Mario". And the game seems to be aware of that, it isn't trying to be anything more than that and I kind of appreciate it.

That doesn't mean that the gameplay is good though, far from it.

Starting with the controls it feels like they were done by someone who never played a Mario game. I mean they work, but it's really weird how Mario stops when you let go the direction keys on air. There's also no variable jumping, which makes some of the precise platforming way harder than it should be, but it's not a major issue.

And yes I'm aware that this game uses Trisoft's engine but I'm not going to cut any points for that since the engine isn't really used in that many games.

As for the level design... meh? There are a lot of times where you to hit hidden blocks to reveal a hidden path to process. Those are pretty annoying, but other than that the level design is average at best (and at worst).

The game is also a bit glitchy, but none of them are anything game breaking. It also runs at 30fps but you get used to that quick.

There isn't really much else to say, I guess the simplistic nature of the game makes it a bit more tolerable compared to other shitty fangames of the time.
2 / 10
Oh boy, SMB3 SMAS sprites! Joy! Well, not exactly this time. The jumping piranha plants and springs use their SMW sprites for some reason, and some of the backgrounds are very weirdly scaled. Some backgrounds are also missing their gradients, and there are some sprites with weirdly fast animation.

There's also an issue with some sprites looking weird in motion but I guess that's a compatibility issue.
3 / 10
Typical old Mario sounds with SMAS music. Nothing special, or surprising.
2 / 10
Again, the levels completely lack anything that can make them interesting, so through the game, it feels like you're already replaying the same levels.
Final Words
3 / 10
This is Hello's very first fangame, and it really shows. It's very simplistic as far as Mario fangames go, and there isn't really any reason to play it at this point.

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