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Review Author Roo
Created Apr 2 2020, 10:36 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Waligie's latest adventure makes biting your own fingers off sound like a pleasure.
Pros + Fantasizing about throwing the creator of the game down a deep ravine is satisfying and fun
Cons - It's too short
1 / 10
You fall through moving platforms, you have to try some jumps like five times, you have to play through the entire gotdamn level again if you don't respond to a QTE fast enough.

It's horrible. Terrible. Utterly awful. Shamelessly dire. Exceptionally gross. Overmuch ungood. The exact, precise, diametrical opposite of "well done".
3 / 10
Everything's a completely ugly mess, but I have a soft spot for default Clickteam graphics, so that bumps up the score a bit.
6 / 10
Some of the midis used sound decent, and the sound effects are funny, but it's not exactly anything to write home about (that's why I'm writing about it here instead).
Final Words
1 / 10
You should play this game.

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Apr 20 2020, 9:48 AM
Thanks you very much (yes its me the guy who made this awful peice of s###. I will do better at april fools game).
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