By: Ryan Silberman [E] [W]
Compete in five different events with Pac-Man and co.!

Pac-Athlon is a minigame that was originally released in 1999 as part of a Japan-only CD-ROM release from Namco known as "Pac-Man no Desktop Daisakusen". Unlike the contents it was packaged with, it was made with Macromedia Director, which allows it to be playable on any device with Shockwave Player installed. You can now find the original Pac-Athlon in BlueMaxima's Flashpoint.

This version you see here is a fanmade remake built from the ground-up for modern PCs and Android devices. It faithfully recreates every aspect of the original while also providing a few new things to play around with.

The Retro Mode covers the game with the classic pixel graphics of Pac-Man's arcade games and a heavy dose of Namco fanservice as you can select from a whopping 17 different characters! You can also compete with friends locally in the game's alternative multiplayer modes!
Completion: Full Game Genre: Minigame
Franchise: Pac-Man

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01/24/20  Tweaked a tutorial visual.
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