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Game Reviewed Super Mario Bros. Dimensions 2 (2017 Demo), by LangtonLion64
Review Author GStache
Created Dec 5 2017, 3:50 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
This has been one of many fangames I have been waiting to play again. The first Super Mario Bros. Dimensions was so charming and fun to play, and here we are again now with a not too short demo.
Pros - The graphics are very nice to look at. Seeing the jump to 16-bit makes all the old sprites pop out in glorious color

- That it's well-made with Gatete's Mario engine

- Some new gimmicks like Polter's "fruit" are fun to use

- The dialogue in the intro is entertaining to listen to

- The bosses are pretty good and do indeed challenge the player

- Some missions are very creative like the first world's "hide and seek" challenge where the flowers are hidden in many odd areas

- The jetpack power-up is still a BLAST to use (not sorry)
Cons - The EVL Gang is not very Mario-y and doesn't seem all that right

- The vine power-up is pretty weak since it has short range and stops Mario's movement a little when used

- I encountered many bugs in this demo (more than last demo oddly enough), like the game not saving next time I opened it up, respawning at a different checkpoint than intended, and the music stopping after a few seconds

- Eden is unbalanced compared to Mario and Luigi since he has a great attack option at all times

- The rank system needs to be adjusted a little to be more fair
7 / 10
The game has a well-rounded difficulty while having Mario control as good as ever. I felt I didn't switch dimensions as much as would of thought but those segments are still used pleasantly.
8 / 10
The graphics are super colorful, my personal favorite character in the game is Polter because of how animated he is. Some backgrounds and props are very nicely detailed as well.
7 / 10
Can't say a whole lot on here because most of the songs are from other games, but I will say the songs do fit the areas played in very nicely.
5 / 10
I like the "one world where you can explore to your heart's content" idea here for when you re-enter levels in the same world, but I feel you should have more freedom if it's gonna be like this with not as many blocked paths. Also, some missions don't point you in a clear direction of where said energy drop is. There should just be one arrow sign at the beginning and maybe later on in the level to point you in the general direction. There's also not much else to do after beating all levels.
Final Words
7 / 10
With some rough edges here and there, Super Mario Dimensions is certainly a worthy sequel to its predecessor and deserves to be praised with its neat, new ideas.

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