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We step further into 2019
Jan 9 2019, 5:16 AM

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It's time for another update!

First of all, we decided to award the November 2018 Game of the Month award to Super Mario and the Sacred Bells!

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Have to say, GotM is quite late this time. Big thanks to Q-Nova for helping out with the banner.

Here are this week's updates:

Recent Additions
Thumbnail British Mario VS I.M. Meen
[Platform] By Misteryt1MFGG

Some people think Mario is Italian, American or Italian ...
Hacks, Mods
Thumbnail Super Mario Bros. 3 Crowned Edition + Princess Bowser (ver.)
[Super Mario Bros 3 (NES)] By Kazufox
Super Mario 3 where Bowsette's army of Super Crowned wearing minions are causing trouble!

Shrooblet By OmegaF.
Bulky Bob-Omb By OmegaF.
Mural Goomba & Koopa By OmegaF.
Super Androix - Sprites By JacobLeBeauREAL
Flurry By OmegaF.
Extended Items Remake 2019 By xXEmmanXx
Wario in SMAS SMB1 Style By Misteryt1MFGG

And lastly, we are currently accepting nominations for the 2018 MFGG Awards. Be sure to check it out over here!
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Happy 2019!
Jan 1 2019, 9:41 PM

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Happy New Year everyone! It's quite hard to imagine another year has already gone by. Here's an interesting yet trivial fact: it's been 5 years since we actually made an update on January 1st.

Here's this year's starting update.

Recent Additions

What's your New Year's Resolution?
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Merry Christmas!
Dec 25 2018, 10:55 AM

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Everyone here at staff would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
If you don't celebrate anything then enjoy the time off work or school, you deserve it!

Recent Additions

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Christmas comes a week early this year
Dec 18 2018, 4:23 PM

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So I'm home all by myself on a day I'd normally be working. Unfortunately, I was supposed to go on a nice little day trip, but it didn't work out.

Fortunately for everyone on MFGG, I have an early Christmas present for all of you! When the mainsite started accepting hacks and mods back in the summer, we didn't have a separate section for them, so they had to live in the Games section. Mixing stand-alone games and hacks wasn't an ideal arrangement. Other than launching lumaSMS itself, adding a separate hacks section was probably our most-requested feature - and it's a project we'd need to complete before the new mainsite software becomes a reality.

So that's why we now have a Hacks and Mods section! A big thanks goes to Hypernova, Dustinvgmaster, and R II for helping with this project.

TCSMS wasn't exactly designed for adding entirely new categories, so there could be a few pesky bugs that escaped past testing. If anything's not behaving normally, please let us know.

Recent Additions

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Oh hey it's snowing!
Dec 11 2018, 4:29 AM

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To be honest, I have mixed feelings towards snow. It's nice for it to show up for a little bit, but not too much. It's kinda similar to quality control: quality over quantity.

Recent Additions
Thumbnail Super Mario - Clone Race
[Action] By Hypernova
It's basically the same compared to Disco Discord Mario (April Fool's 2018) but clean. I unfortunately ...
Thumbnail [HACK] Super Mario World Adventure
[Hack] By Vertette
This is a hack I made. It's got 1 world, 6 levels and 7 exits. ...
Sprites, Libs, and Tilesets
Yoshi Island enemies By OmegaF.
Custom Galoombas By The IT
Mario Kart Wii: Toad's Factory Textures By littlelum
Mario Kart Wii: Mario Circuit Textures By littlelum
Rex By OmegaF.
Mario Kart Wii: Coconut Mall Textures By littlelum
SMM Burt By mariofan230
SMM Digga By mariofan230
SMM Snap jaw By mariofan230
SMM Fang By mariofan230
Mario Kart Wii: Wario's Glod Mine Textures By littlelum

However, Texas (where I'm from) rarely gets snow. It's usually just rain this time of year, which is a bit disappointing.
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Chaos, Charisma, and Cool Submissions
Dec 5 2018, 7:52 PM

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I control quality now. That means I get to decide what qualifies as quality content in specific quantities. For the purposes of this essay, I will explain my thesis on why it is important to hollow out Dustin's copy of Zoda's Revenge: Start Ropics Too for the-uh Nintendo, the gaming video system that all the kids are playing.

If you think that's bad, wait until you see what garbage I type when I'm not totally sleep deprived.

Recent Additions

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The Friday Updatables
Nov 30 2018, 11:06 PM

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Greetings, hello and good morrow to you, MFGG. It is I, that one guy, to bring forth unto you an update the likes of which you have absolutely seen before!

MFGG has recently undergone a minor staff reform, which has introduced the following changes:
-Vitiman and Hypernova are now on the quality control team! They were brought onboard earlier this year to help with creating themes for the MyBB forums.
-Yoshin is now administrator.
-Fun With Despair is now a forum moderator and quality control.
-HylianDev's role on the site has been changed to tech admin. This is mostly cosmetic and is mostly to signify that his role working on the site is more technical than moderation... y.
-Xander has been demoted due to lack of activity, but we appreciate the work they had put into the site!
-Pedigree has resigned from his position. We want to thank you a bunch for the hard work you've done.

In addition, there's only about a week left until Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will be released! There have been some substantial leaks, however, so be careful if you don't want to be spoiled on the content!

Anyways, you guys want some MFGG resources, yeah? I got ya. I got the stuff right here.

Recent Additions

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New Site Features
Nov 16 2018, 8:19 PM

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Apologies, it seems I forgot to mention something in my previous update!

The site now features a couple of new things:

1) We now have Comment Guidelines, easily visible for all users. If you're new, be sure to read them to ensure a less bumpy MFGG experience.

2) We now have an on-site BPS Patcher. If you don't already have a patcher program, you can use this to prepare a few of the hacks MFGG now has to offer! Note that we do not store any ROMs on the MFGG server. All patching procedures are carried out on the client side of things.

In addition, submitting your hacks as BPS patch files is highly recommended! These patch files contain less of the game's original data than their IPS brethren, which keeps both filesize and copyright concerns low.
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Christmas Update
Nov 15 2018, 11:58 PM

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Well gang, now that Halloween is out of the way, we have officially entered the Christmas season.

This Christmas, Santa has brought all you nice boys and girls the present of an update. Yes, I'm Santa. You didn't know that?

Recent Additions

...what? Thanksgiving?
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The Votes Must Go On
Oct 29 2018, 7:02 PM

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Along with the previously mentioned Halloween-themed Game Jam, the current Drawing Competition has reached its voting phase!

Head over here to stick a vote into the Game Jam pot, or here to toss a vote at the Drawing Competition.
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