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Game Reviewed Piranha Plant's Food Fight, by SuperSledgeBro
Review Author Q-Nova
Created Feb 8 2020, 3:12 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Last year or two, SuperSledgeBro introduced himself in MFGG by submitting really cool SMAS graphics, such as tilesets based on Super Mario Maker's new graphics. He's one of the best spriters I've been seeing here lately, and look what he brought to us! In the new decade, the big hammer dude showed us that he can do more than just sprites!
Pros +Simple, easy-to-understand gameplay
+Plenty of variety
+Beautiful graphics
+Great selection of remixes
Cons -Gets really chaotic
-Piranha Plants can only eat one thing
-Text is hard to read
6 / 10
The game itself is simple, but fun for a bit. You click on pipes (six of them) to make Piranha Plants come up and eat whatever's within their reach. Many objects fall from the skies above, but there are some that come by from left to right or vice versa. What you really want to look out for, though, are the Dinosaur Land Goombas, as well as Spinies, since they'll otherwise give you their own bite once they get into a pipe.

At first, the object rain seems light, but it eventually becomes a hurricane before you know it! Many things are happening on the screen at once and you're forced to act as fast as a hockey champion! I appreciate that SuperSledgeBro included a variety of stuff to eat for bonus points, but they end up adding to the chaos more than anything. The plants may be hungry, but they're not hungry enough to eat more than one thing at once, which can make the extra stuff get in the way if you're dealing with a clump of Goombas, especially when a Spiny gets thrown in.

At the end, the food fight is very exhausting, and I bet the piranhas feel the same way too. I think it'd be better if there's like four pipes. Maybe also have some valleys in the difficulty curve so the player can breathe for a bit, and there could even be an occasional bonus round where you just have the objects that serve as extra points! (One power-up actually does that, but they're pretty rare, and you still have to look out for Spinies!)
9 / 10
SMAS graphics seem to be SuperSledgeBro's specialty, so you would expect to see such sprites in this game, with SMB1 being the case here. Many custom sprites are used, though, and they all have a softer-looking palette, giving the game a familiar-yet-fresh look. I like that you can see the time of the day change throughout the course of the battle. The text is difficult to read, though, and I notice that the green Koopa Paratroopas have RED pixels. Really!
10 / 10
Remixes from OCRemix get used, which sound fantastic (of course, it's OCRemix!) and fit very well! I don't think I've ever heard the Pipe Land theme in a Mario fangame before. I'd give the results screen it's own song, but that's hardly an issue. That super-duper armored Koopa made an interesting selection of sound effects that work nicely, one of which is the famous death tune from Zelda 1!
Final Words
6 / 10
At first it seems like a light snack, but it soon happens to be very overfilling!

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