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Game Reviewed Supra Smash Bross For the Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum, by Weegeesquare
Review Author Copperama
Created Mar 30 2018, 5:11 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
My review will be updated for the newest version released.

This game has a lot of love behind it, there's a ton to find with this game. A lot of content. However, this is all still a joke game, so the large of amount of stuff to do still varies in how much fun you will actually have in finding and unlocking everything. The biggest change in my opinion is the new multiplayer feature, as joke games are best experienced with a friend. The multiplayer validates this game, as there's not much reason to play through without it.
Pros This game has a lot of work put into it. There's lots of modes to play with and challenge yourself, and it comes with custom controls. There's a lot of unique unlockables to discover. The new multiplayer was a much needed addition as it's the most fun you will have with this game. You can actually have some tense moments in matches, if you have the right mindset.
Cons The core game is broken, as it would be being a joke game and all. While there is a lot to do in this game the main problem is that you will not be having much fun doing it. You will most likely lose interest before finding all the characters because playing through is more of a chore than it is funny in the end. The effort you put in to achieving different challenges is often unrewarded as the entire game can instantly take that all away at any moment with no warning by some unfair loss. Additionally, the game is actually functionally broken in some parts now, with the Galaga minigame now crashing your game when you run out of coins. Also, the final boss is still very broken, with attack frames lingering longer than they should and Master Hand having a very confusing hit box as attacks will pass completely through him most of the time. He also has a ridiculous amount of health that will make you think you're playing some MMO boss with the amount of furious mashing you'll be doing.
4 / 10
Gameplay machine is broken.
Slow, clunky, on purpose. There is a lot of effort in everything you can find. However, you won't have much fun finding it after a short period of play. Each character has about only one move you should bother using. It all boils down to mashing. However the game is a fun romp playing with friends.
5 / 10
Bad, but on purpose. The usual joke MS paint. So you get what's advertised. The brand new victory animations are nice however, there's nothing offensive in the graphics.
8 / 10
Sounds fine for the most part, but a lot of moves do not have any sound unless it hits. There is a lot more variety in the sounds with the new update however, each attack becomes a bit more unique with it. Each character has their own theme that plays in victory, and the songs are well chosen for comedic purposes.
1 / 10
You will play this for a short time and never pick it back up, as joke games are known for.
Final Words
6 / 10
The game is very amusing with friends around, multiplayer was absolutely required for this kind of game. But the core game is broken on purpose and there's not much reason to revisit after a couple times. The presentation is on point for the theme of the game. There's a lot to do here, it's definitely worth a look. Overall, the game is a broken mashfest with a lot to see, but in the end it's still a broken mashfest.

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