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Game Reviewed Super Mario: Magnum Opus, by grizzledwarveteran23
Review Author LoraLynxPSI
Created May 11 2022, 7:45 AM

General Commentary and Game Overview
Super Mario: Magnum Opus is a game that takes the "Mario With a Gun" premise and runs with it. Not only does Mario have a gun, and that gun gives Mario some nice movement options, but so do the enemies, each with their own different shot types to dodge.
When mentions of a third Mario brother came up, I was iffy, but was pleasantly surprised that the game made it work. I won't spoil the story; it's a short and sweet fan game you can probably clear in about an hour, and does save your progress if you need to take a break.
Pros +Really cool use of gun mechanics
+Creative level themes
+Decent storyline for a Mario fangame
Cons -Awkward control scheme
-Mario's shooting animation is delayed and makes hitting targets harder.
-The first boss is the hardest boss somehow
8 / 10
The game takes the concept of "Mario has a gun" and actually takes it in an interesting direction by making the recoil of shooting a weapon into a mechanic that allows Mario to reach higher spots and launch himself. It's a nice gimmick, but the controls have a learning curve to them and can feel a little clunky at times.
4 / 10
The graphics here are serviceable, but not great. There is a lot of sprite clashing. The custom sprites also could use some refinement.
On a positive note, Giorgio's sprites are rather decent edits of the Superstar Saga sprites and looks believable as a 3rd Mario Brother.
6 / 10
The music and sound effects are not much to write home about. They do their job, but at the end of the day are not all that memorable.
One sound choice I did like was using the Comet Observatory theme in a minor key for JB's theme. It works surprisingly well!
Final Words
7 / 10
This game has a genuinely interesting take on the "Mario With A Gun" concept, but the controls take some getting used to.

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