Review Information
Game Reviewed Wick The Hot Foot (v1.2), by Yakibomb
Review Author redstone02
Created Nov 22 2020, 3:50 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
a TGF game in 2020
thats look like a bad idea but this gamme
the game is full of good ideas but they are wasted by bugs

I would tell the designer to do it on newer software but with the style and charm of an old fangame make with TGF
Pros -he playable with controler
-the gamplay ideas is good
-Good MIDI music
-Graphics very original (well it's those from yoshi island)
Cons -The Controls in practice it's bad
3 / 10
this is his big weak point
the game has a very bad rhythm because you will spend your time dying to have bad thinking test movements it's more an action game
The charging and jump system is .... Bad
sometimes you press Ctrl in the air but it does not launch
7 / 10
the graphics are a tribute to Yoshi's island and the main character is very cute
7 / 10
I won't linger for long but the music is good (because I love MIDI music) they are original
Final Words
5 / 10
game full of good ideas but with bad controls

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