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Game Reviewed Super Mario Powerup, by GradyGames
Review Author BullyWithAHat
Created Dec 28 2018, 7:54 PM

General Commentary and Game Overview
I absolutely LOVE this game! Granted, I'm a sucker for ANY game with a large variety of powerups, so this might be a little biased.
Pros There's a HUGE Variety of powerups from a lot of, if not all of the games!
Cons Cons? What cons?
10 / 10
The "Clickteam-ish" feel of the game really brings back the feel of that era of gaming from... I dunno, probably somewhere from 2006-2009.
10 / 10
There's not any bit-mixing, or sprite-clashing. If there is, it's really subtle!
10 / 10
The MIDIs also add to the "Clickteam-ish" feel.
10 / 10
There are so many ways to get just one star, which really adds to the replay value.
Final Words
10 / 10
While I'm forced to give a 10/10, just remember that is I could, I would give it a 27,569,420/10.

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