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Tree Top Token Game
By: Jack-of-All Games [E] [W]
All Pac-Man wants to do is dance! Hop across a row of platforms to collect Pac-Dots and avoid ghosts! Score 200 points to earn the token Pac-Man needs to play the jukebox!

CONTROLS: Left and right arrows to move, Up arrow to jump, Enter to Pause

Among many things I've had an interest in doing these recent years, one of these was recreating old browser/small-scale games for new devices. This game is a fan-made remake I put together in 2016 of an old Internet minigame from the now-defunct website for Pac-Man World 2. This version not only has subtle gameplay improvements and can be played offline, but it is also built for play on Android devices. You can find the Android version on its itch.io page:

If there's anything I kinda regret changing up, it's how you can see Pinky coming. On one hand, it makes seeing her coming a lot easier, but on the other it takes away the need to keep yourself on your toes.
Completion: Full Game Genre: Minigame
Franchise: Pacman

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[O] Created: Jun 2 2019, 7:10 PM
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